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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Book Review - Moristoun by Kevin McAllion

Book Review
by Kevin McAllion

Book Description
McSorely has had enough. His life has spiralled out of control and nothing has gone his way. There seems to be only one option open to him, one last thing he can do to take control of his fate. All hope is lost. 

But far away on the mysterious island of Moristoun, Buchan is charged with the task of dissuading McSorely from this drastic course of action. Moristoun is where people like McSorely might end up, having exchanged one kind of hopelessness for another. 

A glimpse of the ‘life' he might be heading for might change McSorely's opinion of his own existence, but a glimpse of the entrancing Gail behind the bar in the pub and a hint about Moristoun's true nature could render all of Buchan's efforts to rehabilitate the despairing McSorely equally hopeless.
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Hubbie's Review
One of the best book's I have read in the last few years. The originality and the genius of the plot is one to behold.  Wayward Pines meets Its My Wonderful Life , an absolute classic.

When the main character is on the verge of committing suicide he is whisked away to the mysterious island of Moristoun to be given time to think about his decison and the chance to return to his old life with the possibility of a better future. The characters the author has created who reside on the island are first class and have their own story to tell, they are governed by the council and must obey the laws that are laid down in the book.  The deep human emotions that are protrayed allow the reader to really make a connection with each and every one of them.

An excellent read with brilliant characters and an absorbing tale of peoples misfortunes and it would be nice to think that such a place existed where we were are all given a second chance to return to the mortal coil before we have to move one.  This author is definitely on my reading list.

Our Rating
'An extremely easy'

About the author
I was born in Dundee but now live in Glasgow with my wife Thanyalak and daughter Jennifer. I have worked as sports journalist since 1997, when I started out writing football match reports for The Sunday Mail newspaper while still a journalism student.

Since then I've written and edited for a wide range of publications, including the Scottish Daily Express, The Big Issue in Scotland, The Herald, The Scottish Standard and The Scottish Daily Mail.

I now work full-time as a sub-editor for the Daily Record and Sunday Mail. When not at work I relax at home with my family and survey my simian empire,, which is probably the world's only spoof monkey park.
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  1. I've been wanting to read more Scottish authors, so I'll have to add this to my reading list! Thanks for the review xx

  2. This sounds really interesting, i've never heard of this one before x

  3. Thanks for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed it

  4. Aww, sounds pretty good. I wasn't sure when I read the summary, but the review now has me interested. :D

  5. This book sounds intriguing, I love how you describe it as a cross of 'Wayward Pines meets Its My Wonderful Life'.

  6. Great review, this sounds like something I'd enjoy :)

  7. This definitely sounds like an interesting read--a place for second chances--or at least a place where you can decide if what you want to do is really what you what you want to do. On my TBR list for sure!

  8. This is a great intriguing review indeed. I love Wayward Pines and this does sound like it would be an amazing show as well as book. This I will have to get and share with my sister along with my sons. Thanks for a great review.


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