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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Book Review - The Haunted Heart of Rory O'Dannon by Delia Colvin plus $25 Amazon/Paypal Giveaway - 2 Winners!

Book Review
The Haunted Heart of Rory O'Dannon 
by Delia Colvin

Is the love of Megara's life a hallucination -- or a ghost?

While delirious with fever, Megara had a visit and fell in love with the Irish poet Rory O'Dannon, but never saw him again. Years later, convinced that he had been a hallucination, she enters a pragmatic marriage to Senator Ken Benedict.

Until a car accident catapults her back to 19th century Ireland--and into Rory's arms.

Despite a challenging new life, Megara helps Rory find his poetry and pledges her heart to him, the night before he is to be hanged for treason...and then she wakes from the coma. Forced by sound evidence, she realizes that Rory was fictional, but discovers the wedding band he gave her and a message that time is running out!

Now Megara must choose between the easy life with her husband, or risk death and a chance for love with Rory.

Available to buy from the following sites...   Barnes and Noble   Kobo   iTunes

"A fanciful romance with lots of twists and turns, and a magical setting!" 

 "I'm a sucker for Irish magic and the like, so I'm hooked!"

Our Book Review
Set in beautiful and mythical Ireland that is full of fascinating folklore, Delia cleverly intertwines this into a powerful story of true love. She has managed to write such an imaginative and magical story that had me gripped in the latter part of the book, I've never flicked through pages so quickly to find out what was going to happen, the story could have gone in so many directions that my heart was in my mouth as I read on to find out more.

Megara dreamt for years of being a top rated ballerina, until a drunken driver abruptly shatters her dream completely.  Recovering at home alone, the most spiritual experience happens when a tall dark stranger suddenly appears that she instantly feels the most deep longing for, her soul mate, but then he is gone.  Did this really happen or was it simply a dream brought on from her medication that everyone tells her?   Her longing for him and understanding of what really happened taints the rest of her life.

A touching story as Megara then loses her parents, she marries Ken while on his path to political gain but four years later they lose their first child, a daughter, which hugely impacts on her marriage. and they become a couple divided.   After a car crash she is left in a coma and finds herself floating above her body hearing the voice of her daughter in the afterlife, he was also waiting for her.   She finds herself in a different life with the possible man of her dreams but a life of work she has never had to experience and all in a early part of Irish time that brings many changes and challenges.  I have a gripping favorite part that I would love to share with you but it would spoil the whole experience of reading the book.

This is where the magical tale will begin as the Irish characters from long ago, pull you into the story and you hope for an ending she so deserves.  Expect some twists along the way too!  

Our Rating

About the Author
delia colvin authorDelia J. Colvin is the International Bestselling author of The Sibylline Trilogy. She authors a popular blog and is listed as a contributor in two business books. She has worked in a variety of occupations from marketing to entrepreneur, Air Traffic Controller and Russian Interpreter. But her passion is in writing and helping people. Delia has donated both time and money to literacy programs around the country.

PERSONAL NOTE From the Author: As much as I enjoy writing, I love hearing from readers even more! It would mean the world to me if you would take a moment to send me an email and say hi. I personally answer all of my emails. Email me at

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  1. True love is over rated. Go for the safe option.

  2. I'm not sure. I would need to know more.

  3. Think I'd risk death and a chance for love with Rory!

  4. Looks like a great read - I know what I'll be picking up then next time I pass a book store. Thank you for sharing!

    Nicola, xo

  5. Sounds like a very different read from the romances I usually go for.


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