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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Book Review - Hostage Of Paradox - A Qualmish Disclosure by John Rixey Moore

Book Review
Hostage Of Paradox - A Qualmish Disclosure
by John Rixey Moore

Book Description
Few people then or now know about the clandestine war that the CIA ran in Vietnam, using the Green Berets for secret operations throughout Southeast Asia. This was not the Vietnam War of the newsreels, the body counts, rice paddy footage, and men smoking cigarettes on the sandbag bunkers. This was a shadow directive of deep-penetration interdiction, reconnaissance, and assassination missions conducted by a selected few Special Forces teams, usually consisting of only two Americans and a handful of Chinese mercenaries, called Nungs. These specialized units deployed quietly from forward operations bases to prowl through agendas that, for security reasons, were seldom completely understood by the men themselves. Hostage of Paradox is the first-hand account by one of these elite team leaders. Moore is a highly decorated former Green Beret sergeant whose operations led him and a few Chinese, with whom he could barely communicate by hand signals alone, through a labyrinth of excruciating close calls and multiple woundings, miles deep in the jungles of enemy-controlled wilderness. His descriptions of these little-known missions crackle with fearful immediacy and the vivid imagery that only someone who has lived the experience can summon. To read his words is to be transported to the shadows of a small, murky corner in military history.
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A personal story of one mans trials and tribulations in Vietnam.  The novel revolves around the author and only the author, no politics are mentioned, from the training ground to the deployment how he felt and what his fears were.

A hard hitting account of a soldier whose job is just to follow orders without question. The vivid and excellent descriptions of the living quarters and jungle environment paint a clear image in your mind of what the soldier is facing, making you feel that you are there in the background.

An honest and open account of how one man feels when danger is all around and how you cope with the death of fellow soldiers who you have put all your faith and trust in to protect the camp where you live.  An emotive and sincere story which will tug at your heart.

The truly remarkable thing about the novel is at no point are politics mentioned and is what this man had to do on a daily basis to survive.  It also shows when you need help from other sources the smallest sign or gesture has the biggest impact.  An excellent read for anyone who is interested in militia accounts and whats it is like to be at the forefront of a fighting campaign.

Our Rating

About the Author
John Rixey Moore in an actor and writer. He has been a contract player on several TV soap operas and the on-camera announcer in over 460 network commercials, competed internationally for several years on the U.S. Bobsled team. in the 1980s, served as boat tune-up crew and sail advisor for the America's Cup, and sailed a 73' Trimaran across the Atlantic from Plymouth, England to Newport, Rhode Island in 1976. He has flown his Beech Bonanza across the United States some twenty-three times and built a home-made car out of parts scrounged from wrecks and yard sales (with a bit of reluctant professional help) which he has driven across the US twice so far. He can be seen from time to time on The History Channel being interviewed on the crop circle phenomenon and on the subject of UFOs. An amateur historian, he enjoys walking ancient sites in Europe and maintains an extensive collection of antique books and household displays of medieval weapons. He lives in the Los Padres National Forest of Southern California, where he paints and enjoys firing his collection of antique cannons.

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  1. I'm not sure this book is for me--I would probably break down thinking of all I knew who either came home mentally damaged or physically damaged or never came home at all.

  2. It seems as though it would have been easy to add the political aspect of the mission to the book, but I like that that's not the case. I suppose it keeps it more human, and that's quite refreshing.

  3. This sounds like an interesting read! There was so much that people didn't know about the Vietnam War at the time I think it would be fascinating hear this first hand account

  4. This book sounds very interesting, I like history although I'm not quite sure I would be able to read it straight. I'd have to skip parts I guess you could say I am one of those bleeding heart liberals. The highlight for me would be the absence of politics.

  5. This sounds like an awesome read indeed from a solider's prospective. Most people don't know what soldiers go through and I admire all of them for what they did for our country. Thanks so much for sharing.


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