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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Guest Author Interview with Sharlene Almond, author of Initiated to Kill

Guest Interview with author 
of Initiated to Kill, Sharlene Almond

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Two men from two different generations, both initiated into a powerful organization that throughout history has sought control and uses their power for destruction. They leave behind a wake of murder, manipulation and ancient secrets. 

The first man wreaks havoc in and around the Whitechapel district of London, England in the 19th century. While the other stalks his victims in the cosmopolitan city of Seville, Spain in the 21st century; knowing that only he could uncover the true motives of one of the world’s most infamous serial killers—Jack the Ripper.

Guest Author Interview
1.      What inspired you to write?
As cliché as it sounds, writing is in my blood. At an early age, I’ve always enjoyed writing; however, I didn’t really have the inclination to write a full novel, not knowing where to start.
Years later, I finally got the chance to sit down and begin writing. Things really took shape when I set up a word excel/spreadsheet for my chapter outline, making it easier to piece together a novel that made sense. Now I can’t stop writing.
Both a hobby and hopefully one day a job, writing is something I’ve always, and will always love.

2.      What is something interesting about you not many people know?
I’m a bit of an exercise fanatic. Morning and evening workouts keeps the body and mind fresh, kick starts the writing process.

3.      What genre do you like to write in?
Thrillers will always be my number one preference. They’re my favourite to read and write about. With the historical aspect thrown in, which is something else I’ve found fascinating.
Books that is based on a lot of research, a strong plot and characters, and something a little different from mainstream novels.

4.      Have you ever encountered writer’s block? If so, how did you overcome it?
Fortunately, I haven’t encountered writer’s block. Just watching the news or reading history books immediately kick starts the writing process again.

5.      Summarise your novel.
Two men from different generations, both initiated into a powerful organisation that throughout history has sought control and uses their power for destruction. They leave behind a wake of murder, manipulation and ancient secrets.

The first man stalks women of the night in the Whitechapel district of London, England in the 19th century. While the other stalks his victims in the cosmopolitan city of Seville, Spain in the 21st century; knowing that only he could uncover the true motives of one of the world’s most infamous serial killers - Jack the Ripper.

Annabella Cordova quickly becomes embroiled in the conspiracy involving the university she studies at. When her roommate goes missing, it becomes very personal. Her past gradually unveils, as she is closer to this than she could have possibly imagined.
A childhood accident causing permanent deafness enables Annabella to use her other senses to read facial and body language; detecting lies in people, including suspects.

Andres Valero, the troubled detective, returns from forced leave, only to be faced with horrific crimes that brings his memories to the surface.
The novel continuously takes the reader back in time to the 19th century; creating a psychological profile of the man that wanders the London streets, his paintings depicting crimes only seen by a killer’s eyes. And a boy that’s continuously tormented by his own sadistic tendencies.
With Annabella and Andres combined, they must stop this person at any cost, and reveal a conspiracy hidden for centuries.

6.      Tell me about your characters.
My first main character, Annabella Cordova is a deaf art student at Seville University. She has the extraordinary ability to read people’s expressions, and has the natural ability to tell when someone is lying.
Because of Annabella’s past, her injury and subsequent deafness, she alienates her from people. The art major she strives for allows her to connect to her dead mother, as her mother was passionate about art.
Annabella’s memories of her childhood, and her mother’s death continually haunt her, and the disappearance of her father, whom she keeps on remembering as being abusive.
As the novel develops, Annabella becomes embroiled into the case of the missing girls, quickly bringing memories to the surface that had long since been kept hidden.

The second main character is Andres Valero. Andres isn’t just your typical detective, as you read the novel, you will quickly discover the Andres’ past has lead him to this point. The case of the missing girl reminds him of a case that he longed to forget.
When he meets Annabella, he is skeptical on relying on her talent when she offers to watch interviews, and to tell them if suspects are lying. As the case evolves, he draws closer to Annabella, reluctant at the connection he feels.
Both character’s pasts link to what is happening now. Both a strength and a weakness, neither can be fully prepared for what is about to happen.

7.      Do you plan to write other books?
Absolutely. This book is the first in the series of Annabella Cordova. Because of what has happened to Annabella, the next book reveals a completely different side to her.
The first book she is quiet, naïve, somewhat fragile. But you will see a completely different Annabella. Hardened and determined. And instead of a University student, she is manipulated into joining a vigilante organisation; which has links to her father.
I have written three more. All based in different locations, part-historical and part-present; with either a myth or conspiracy theory that surrounds the case.

About the Author
I am an author that lives in Auckland, New Zealand. A couple of years ago I self-published two of my novels; but now have a publishing contract to re-publish my first novel.

I have a Diploma in Freelance Journalism, a Certificate in Editing and Proofreading, a Diploma in Criminology, a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, currently studying NLP; continuing on to study body language. I have finished my second novel located in Romania, based on the legend Dracula, and the first-ever female serial killer – Elizabeth Bathory. Travelling to the year 2016, where another person mimics her crimes, and a man uses an ancient legend to further hispurposes. Each book unveils another layer. The historical plot reveals why the present day’s events have occurred. The other subplots travel back in time to each of the main characters, and reveals how they have become who they are.

Each book reveals a little more about the main character, and answers questions left open in the previous books.

I have recently finished my fourth novel based on the bubonic plague, and the conspiracy theories that surround that event.

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Sharon x

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  1. I love reading about what makes authors write what they do!

  2. this sounds like the kind of book i would read. thanks, i will have to grab it!

  3. This is an awesome interview indeed and I would love to read this book. I love that it is part historical and part present. Thanks for sharing.


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