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Friday, March 6, 2015

Book Review - 101+ Secrets from Nutrition School that you need to know by Lynne Dorner

Book Review
101+ Secrets from Nutrition School that you need to know 
by Lynne Dorner

Book Description
101+ Secrets from Nutrition School is an enlightening experience in which the author and health coach Lynne Dorner shares the most essential lessons she learned along her educational journey at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Struck by the fact that only about one-fifth of medical schools teach nutrition or lifestyle changes as a way to prevent or cure disease, Lynne became inspired to share her secrets with others looking to make positive life changes. The lessons, which are accompanied by beautiful illustrations, pop off the page and are full of significant and life-changing calls to action. The book is inspirational from the start, and Lynne's knowledge and passion for the subject matter compels the reader to incorporate her secrets into their own life.

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Our Book Review
This book pleasantly surprised me, it was not all food related as I had expected it to be, although it does include lots of great valuable food and body information, it is also a focus on bringing a balance to all parts of your life so you feel 'whole' again and are achieving what you really want.  I believe that things happen for a reason, fate, which is why the chance of reading this now happened when I totally needed it.  If your looking for wellbeing and balance to your life in general, this is a great place to start. 

The author prompts you to ask What one thing I can do for my health today?  Through her own journey and experiences she shares a vast amount of important facts, sometimes eye openers, industry secrets, other principles and beliefs and things you had not even thought about.  Explaining that we can achieve much more in the long run by doing change in small easy steps so we keep the motivation that we had in the beginning.

This was a very easy book to follow and understand, there was a nice tone with some humor to the writing with fun pictures throughout to extenuate the facts.  I made notes of the facts I really wanted to focus on and I will definitely be reading and re-reading this over and over again as I continue to improve my own 'wellbeing'.

On the first food shopping trip with my husband while reading the book I was actively looking for more natural local grown food, comparing the number of ingredients in products (was there more than 5!!), pointing out all these to the husband and I found myself holding back from some of the items I would normally buy.  I remember thinking as I was walking around the store to myself  'The author would be proud."

As the author says, "Put your heart into it and enjoy the ride!"

Our Rating

About the Author
Lynne Dorner is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and is a Health and Wellness Specialist who creates an environment in which her clients transform and thrive in their daily lives. She specializes in working with health professionals and educates them on ways to incorporate holistic, natural healing methods into their everyday lives and their medical practices. Lynne's ultimate passion lies in serving others. She finds no greater joy than helping her clients overcome obstacles and excuses to achieve success after success. She is passionate about goal setting and clean eating to bring about long-lasting and drastic results. Lynne has thriving Electrolysis and Health Coaching practices in Manhattan, where she also resides with her son.

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  1. I'm struggling to feel balanced at the moment so may have to give this book a try x

  2. This book sounds really interesting. Although I am very skinny (so everyone tells me), I often think my diet is not great and think I should change it to become healthier. I will put this book on my wishlist!

  3. This does sound like an interesting book that will start people on a healthier path! Why nutrition is not taught in Med School has always been a mystery to me. But then the FDA is forever changing it's mind and guidelines--so I guess I am not really all that shocked.

  4. This is a great and useful book. I think every home should have it for reference.

  5. I would never have thought that school nutrition would be a wealth of information. Interesting!

  6. I'd like to read this as I also believe that good health has a lot to do with life-style as well as food. Just haven't got round to doing it so hopefully this book will help. :-)


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