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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Book Excerpt - Dictating Death by Bonnie R Paulson plus giveaway

This book is not light reading. There are graphic scenes and there is not HEA. NOT intended for teens or young adults. Again, this is not light reading. Violence and craziness. You've been warned.
***Samantha wants to love him.  Maria wants to kill him.  

Dr. Luke Lawson has no idea that the girl he’s dating has split personalities fighting to control her body. Samantha must keep Luke safe at all costs. 

If Samantha wins, Maria will die and disappear forever – taking Samantha with her. If Maria wins, Dr. Lawson will die and she and Samantha will move on to the next doctor – the next kill. 

But Luke is special. 

 He could save Samantha from herself… but only if Samantha can save him.

Chemical-lemon aroma and sterile bleach fumes rushed Luke’s senses when he opened the back door.
He stepped back in confusion. The windows looked similar to his, the patio belonged to him. Everything checked out. Bewildered, he stepped inside with caution.
The clean smell strengthened. He closed the door with a click, before flipping on the kitchen light.
Luke froze, agape at the sight before him. Dishes had disappeared from the sink, counter, and table. Surfaces throughout the room gleamed. Chrome on the appliances glistened. His previously dusty light bulbs glowed bright and cheery.
Taking slow steps through the house, Luke noted the different textures on the smooth, dirt free floor. His blinds and curtains hung refreshed and bright, their grimy layers gone into thin air.
His house looked the way he had meant it to, exuding sparkle and warmth.
The absurd situation struck him each time he discovered cleaner rooms through every door. A burglar who breaks into houses and cleans?
Goosebumps spread up his arms from his wrists. He checked behind him, as if the cleaner lurked just in his shadow. Nothing could be eerier than someone having been in his home.
No wait. The only thing creepier was knowing your best friend had been sleeping with your wife around the same time as you. Yeah, that won, hands down. 
Luke hesitated before looking into the next darkened room. He remembered he’d ignored locking the doors earlier before he left for work. Nothing was gone.
Someone agreed with me, Cindy’s stuff is all crap. 
The invaded sensation struck him. “Damn. Damn, damn, damn! What the hell is going on?” He slapped his hand against his leg, the sting only adding to the surrealism of the moment.
Dumbfounded, Luke ran his hand along the banister lining his staircase. His fingers slid across polished, smooth wood and, ignoring the master suite, he turned to his study.
Even there, his domain felt occupied and everything remained in its place.
His sanctuary had, if nothing else, been searched. A scent, of maybe a shampoo or a woman’s perfume, wafted over him when he plopped on his bed. Nothing too strong, but just enough to stir the senses.
Violation worked its way into his throat. Trying with all his might to ignore the rest of the house, he covered his mouth with his hand, certain he would vomit onto the clean floors and walls. Could it be the Hampton woman? Had she found his home and done something to hurt him?
A laugh, odd in the moment yet completely uncontrolled, burst from his lips. “Yes, Luke, because cleaning someone’s house is exactly how a person would hurt someone else.” He wiped his face with his hand, as if he could remove the sensations of his entire trying day.  

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