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Monday, January 5, 2015

Reviewers Top 3 Book Series of 2014

We've had some really great series to review and follow this year with our book tours.  
All the reviewers have been busy voting for their favorite series and here are the results!!



The award winning Love in Bloom Series by New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Melissa Foster has passionately overtaken our book tour reviewers this past year.  Full of sensual, wonderful stories that invite you in to enjoy and relish.  

Love in Bloom is a contemporary romance series following several families. Characters from each series cross over to the next series. Each book can be read as a stand-alone novel or for more reading enjoyment, read the Love in Bloom books in series order.

"I cannot even remember what number this book is in the series as it is a long series but it keeps getting better and better and I never want her to stop writing books as I have loved every single one." 

"Foster once against heats up the pages in her book."

"This is a book you won't put down - I promise! You'll smile, blush and giggle....and love every bit of it!"

"Another fabulous book from Melissa Foster – she never lets me down!"

"I love this series! I really love the men in this series and really wish I could find a real man like these boys!"

"Another hot, steamy romance that will leave you wishing for your own cowboy to snuggle up to at night."

The series in order



Amazing author Deborah Brown has brought this entertaining series to all the reviewers who absolutely loved reading each and every one of them, they cannot wait for their next edition.

The Paradise series, are Florida Keys mysteries, “great as stand-alone reads, but they're like won't be able to devour just one!”

"I love this series. The characters are so vibrant. Madison is a woman that has come into her own." 

"Murder, mystery, and mayhem are running rampant in Tarpon Cove and it is up to Madison to save the day. Sit back, relax, and watch the bodies hit the floor!" 

"This book was so much fun! There was always some sort of crisis or drama that needed fixing, and they were always getting into some kind of scrape. It was hilarious and suspenseful and I loved it."

"It was a fun whodunit mystery, with some truly hilarious characters!"

"Yes, there is all kinds of nefarious goings on in this series including murders that have to be solved and I am loving every one of them."

"This is my kind of cozy mystery novel. It's a combination of mystery, romance, friends, and family with lots of humor capping it off."

The series in order
Crazy in Paradise 
Deception in Paradise 
Trouble in Paradise 
Murder in Paradise 
Greed in Paradise 
Revenge in Paradise

The Revenant Wyrd Saga
Imaginative author Travis Simmons teased our reviewers as he guided them deeper and deeper along the fantasy path of The Revenant Wyrd Saga.

“Lovers of sword and sorcery will find many things to enjoy in this high fantasy series that made Travis an international bestseller. This new adult dark fantasy series has dwarves, elves and fae and many other races both from lore and created.”

"This book, like the five before it, was extremely well-written. It was riveting from beginning to end."

"This was an amazing epic fantasy about good versus evil, one I’m sure everyone will enjoy!"

"Simmons, as usual, does a fantastic job of drawing me into his fantasy laden world."

"I have been hooked to this series from book 1 and the series got better and better with each instalment."

"It was interesting all the way to the end and there were still a few surprises left. I am definitely interested in reading more from Travis Simmons."

The Series in order
The Bonds of Blood
Mirror of the Moon
The Well of Wyrding
Guardian of Shadows
On Wings of Chaos
The Turquoise Tower

Sharon x

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  1. Thank you for sharing I need some new reading material so will definitely check these out.

    Jen x

  2. I would really like to get into reading and have been on the hunt for good books that not everyone is reading. I really like the sound of the 'Love in the Bloom' series! Paige xo

  3. Thanks for sharing! I've read and LOVED the Love in Bloom series but haven't read the others before, so now I have some new reading material - the Revenant Wyrd Saga looks pretty fascinating.

    ~LD Ferris~

  4. I never read the The Revenant Wyrd Saga series but I most certainly read both of the others--and all of them! I loved them all but my favorite is the Paradise Book series. Murder, mayhem and laughter!! I will have to try out The Revenant Wyrd Saga one of these days.

  5. I love fantasy books! The Revenant Wyrd Saga sounds like a series I would enjoy! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Interesting. Thanks for sharing.


  7. ooo I love to get into a new series like this! Sounds like a great set of fantasy books!

  8. Sounds interesting. I have never read a romance book but maybe I should.

  9. These sound like great series indeed. I have to get the Love in Bloom Series. They sound amazing and I love romance stories. Thanks for sharing.


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