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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Book Review - The Point by G Nykanen

Book Review
The Point
by G Nykanen

Book Description
Befuddled by her current relationship woes, Nora Reynolds leaves college at semester’s end to drive north of nowhere to her hometown of Iron Bay. Vulnerable and on the rebound, she is the perfect prey for fledgling felon Dane Buchman. Dane takes advantage of the unaware young woman, feeding his appetite for mischief until a rather violent shift in their relationship reveals to him what he’s really been craving. Driven by his new found hunger, Dane feels unstoppable, until former high school rival and town deputy, Doug Sanders, navigates the trail of Dane’s destruction. 

The Point is a dark thriller that will allow you to witness a truly dangerous sociopath wander through madness guided by a treasured family heirloom, and a pensive young woman find her way after discovering, that which doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. With echoes of the Coen brothers’ Fargo, the folksy town of Iron Bay and the nearby north-woods community of Deer Lake are the destinations for Mr. Buchman’s many misdeeds.

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Our Book Review
A very hard hitting dark story with explicit descriptions of a sexual nature as well as the dark side of a person's mind.  The story revolves around Dane Buchman and his desires to take what he wants using any means possible, his actions impact not just on the people he hurts but the town he lives in as well.

The results of Dane's actions lead to a very good insight to how victims minds are affected by tragedy.  The author portrays a story of innocence against evil and how difficult it is to get to the truth and prove it when it is one persons word against another.

I found this book to be a very gritty and enthralling read.  I think the author was very brave in their writing and should be applauded for following their instinct to give the reader a real insight in how sociopaths think and react, this adds flavour and content to a good read.  Due to the use of the explicit descriptions, which are essential to the story, it will not be to every readers liking.

On the other side of the tale is Dane's victim and the author again illustrates how with a lot of love and caring people around you and with their patience you can pull through life's trials and tribulations and live a normal life.

The Point is a dark thriller which will take you on a journey which will open your mind and want the bad guy to be caught and put your arms around his victim and protect her.

Our Rating

About the Author
G. Nykanen was born and raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This small, rural land mass seems to cultivate a wide variety of colorful characters who provide a plethora of inspiration. The Point, Nykanen’s first novel, is filled with nuances of these local characters and the landscapes one might find in the north woods.

Well traveled thanks to her husband’s government career, she has lived in Europe and many of our United States over the last twenty years. She has recently returned home, moving back to her beloved Upper Peninsula where she resides with her husband and three children.

With The Point now completed, she will continue working on her next novel, Accumulation, along with continuing to develop other stories in the works.

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Sharon x

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  1. Hi there! I'm just wondering if you were sent this book or you bought it yourself? If you were sent it could you pass on their details as I'm interested in reviewing it :)
    Thanks for the help! Check out my blog for contact details:

    1. Passed over Jennie, if you would like to join our book reviewing team let me know xx

    2. Thank you! This book really interests me so I was wondering if you could send me a copy... But since you're offering I'd love to join your team :)xx

    3. Jennie I am unable to find your email, our Facebook group for tours is here and to sign up to be a reviewer here is the doc I passed on your info to the author for this book too x

  2. OOh now this sounds like my kind of book, I love dark thrillers which lead you all over the place x

  3. What a cool book - I haven't read it but it's definitely on my list now :)

  4. Sounds like a good read. I love reading suspenseful novels in my spare time.

  5. I am glad to know you liked this book! It sounds like a dark but thrilling read to me, right up my street! I will be checking it out soon :D

    Check out my review and giveaway:

  6. Sounds scary! I know it would keep me up at night!

  7. There is nothing like a good novel of suspense. Sounds like the perfect read for me!

  8. Uh Oh--another book that I know I want to read--will we be doing this in the group? I hope so or it will have to go on my ever growing tbr list.

  9. Intriguing story. I have a feeling it would give me a nightmare or two. :)

  10. I like to read books that have a little bit of suspense in them but can't get too scared....otherwise I won't sleep!

  11. My Mom enjoys thrillers and mysteries. I'll have to share this with her.

  12. This sounds like an interesting read and something I would like to read. Thanks for sharing you peaked my interest.


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