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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Talking Anya 3D Dress-up Doll & Pet Puppies FREE APP for iPhone/iPod and iPad

For little girls everywhere this is the app you want and the best thing is its FREE !! The Talking Anya Dress-up and Pet Puppies app, from Sprite Labs. is so cute and colourful that you just can't help yourself but play it. Anya is a 3D talking dress up doll that you can interact with and it's 'parent friendly'.  It works on iPhone/iPod and iPad which is what I used it on.

I am going to concentrate on the FREE version and tell you what it includes, although there is an option to unlock absolutely everything for £4.99 (limited time) which unlocks every single costume, styles, themes, games, songs and of course the cute puppies that can do tricks.

Downloading and Settings
Once I downloaded the app from HERE I was taken to the home page which gives you 3 options - Play, Unlock Everything and Parents. In both the Unlock Everything and the Parents mode you have to answer a straightforward maths sum as a password to enter.  In the Parents mode you have the option of purchasing specific items (such as puppies, dresses, games), unlocking everything and controlling the sharing of photos and videos via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Onto the Game
I sat with my son while I played, as we had never played before and not realising that Anya has a microphone that records what you say, we were in hysterics when we pressed play and started chatting about the game and then all of a sudden Anya started repeating everything we had just said, we were in fits of laughter for ages.

We enjoyed playing through all of the different options and the games:-

Touch Anya's hair and she says "Don't mess up my hair" and looks sad.
Tickle Anya and she says "That tickles".
Touch her shoes and she will dance the Macarena for you.
Touch her nose and she sneezes.
Touch her eyes she pulls a funny face.

You can give Anya a heart and she says "I love you" but if you click to break the heart she cries and tells you "That makes me sad".

So if you want to cheer Anya up, give her a cupcake and she says "Yummy in my tummy" or even a strawberry prompting her to say "Please can I have some more, Strawberries and yummier and healthier than cupcakes".

Haven't played with Anya for a while, you will hear "I'm bored" or "Your not playing with me".

Focusing on the FREE version you get all that I have mentioned above plus
2 hairstyles to try
Lots of different hair colors
2 dresses to change into
1 pair of glasses
Blow bubbles game
Maracas Game
Disco Dance
Recording with microphone
Photograph time
Ability to play with a friend on another device

Our favourite part and also bringing out our competitive streak was the blowing bubbles game.  Anya blows the bubbles and in the time allowed you have to try and burst as many as you can. At the moment I am slightly in the lead having popped 171 bubbles.

For creative types you can even take a picture with Anya and are given four themes to chose from as your border.

Simply by sharing on Facebook you can gain more free content.

Our Thoughts
We both thought that playing with Anya was loads of fun and I could see that it is a great way to improve hand eye co-ordination. The graphics are extremely eye catching, clear and bright with lots of colour to grab your child's attention.  The different sayings and options will keep little ones (and big ones!!) entertained for quite some time, definitely a family friendly game.  If I had little ones I would definitely choose to unlock all the items purely down to the fact that you get all the different themed costumes to dress her up in even a fairy or princess and of course the puppies!!

The only other thing my son thought that would have made it an even better experience was to be able to direct Anya around the room/screen.  I did wonder if it was possible to unlock certain items by increasing levels or playing more.

Definitely a game that we would recommend testing out, after all it is a free app.

Have Fun !!

Sharon x

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  1. There has been a lot of controversy over these types of Apps lately. Have you heard about the Talking Angela app and how it's been saying inappropriate things? I'm not very weary of letting my younger relative use these apps.

    The graphics though are really good and if it is a safe app then it could be really good for the little ladies in my family x

    1. I've played this one with my son and can definitely say its safe and recommended, your right you have to be so careful xx

  2. This is so cute! I will be sure to let my friends with little girls know about it!

  3. This looks like a cute little app for little girls!

    Fiona @

  4. This is such a strange idea, I'd hate to give a child an iPad even just to play with for a while, they grow up far too quickly these days :P

  5. When we were kids there were real talking dolls (although they couldn't do this much) and now there are app dolls! :D

  6. As the mom of two little girls (ages 2 &4) my girls would love this app! I think I'm going to download it tonight after I get home from work and see what they think. Thanks!


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