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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Which is your favourite reading Chair?

Over the holiday season I have finally managed to catch up with all my reading and it has been wonderful !! Just onto my last book in the pile. There's nothing better than sat curled up in your favourite chair with a great book and having the time to really enjoy it.

Those that have been following my blog for a while will know about my passion for the 'real book', there is nothing quite like holding a 'real book' in your hands, the sense of connection with the book as you turn through the pages of the story as you simply escape into another world, books are a thing to be cherished indeed.

This all got me thinking how different we all are and how we all must have our favourite ways to read, after all a really good book deserves a well loved favourite chair.  Which would be your favourite reading chair from the following selection from Distinctive Chesterfields.....

The Biography / Non-Fiction Chair
Newby Wing Chair

The perfect chair to comfortably and easily sit upright and take notice of the words and study the pages from the life stories and events.  The Wing Chair makes for a perfect headrest to ponder on.

The Crime & Thriller Chair

Definitely a classic Sherlock Holmes type of chair as you drum your fingers against the arms pondering 'who dunnit' just like Sherlock himself although probably not as quick as he was and maybe not as correct !!

The Romance Chair
Duchess Chaise Longue

Absolutely perfect for a great romance novel, easy to relax in and create the atmosphere especially if reading a period romance.

The Chick Lit Chair
Howard Lounge Chair

This just has to be my favourite !! Simply curl up all cozy for the perfect read or sit with your knees tucked in to your chest as you start your carefree read.

The Fantasy Chair

Whether it be Star Wars, Fairies or Mythical reading, this will certainly launch you into your fantasy read where your imagination can take you into a different world. 

The Wellbeing / Self Help Chair

This is absolutely perfect for those 'me' times.  The touch and feel of this chair will easily get you into a luxurious and reflective mood giving yourself all the time you need to find the true inner you.

The Historical Fiction Chair

Definitely a Downton Abbey chair. You would be easily able to imagine yourself as Lord or Lady of the Manor in this luxurious and simply beautiful chair as your read your period saga

The Poetry Chair
Rockingham Club Chair

A rather elegant chair to be able to read the poets words from the page and think about their deeper meaning.

Couldn't resist this one as it is my favourite colour, have you guessed yet??  
The Gardening Book Chair

Simply for the sheer delightful cheery colour to brighten not only your mood but your gardening plans as well.

Note to husband, mine is the Chick Lit one please !!

This simply stunning range of Chesterfield Sofas can all be found over at Distinctive Chesterfields where the handcrafted chairs and suites are proudly hand made by craftsmen in the UK and loved worldwide and come with a Lifetime Warranty.

You can also find them on FacebookTwitter and Google+.

So which chair is your perfect reading chair?

Sharon x

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  1. I love the chick lit chair! Although I very rarely read at home, my reading chair is the bus seat to work ;) If I could fit this into the bus that would be lovely!

  2. Great idea for a blog, Sharon - made me smile. I think I'd go for the chick lit chair, just because. Nice for a spot of escapism. Lauren @bychesterfields

  3. I love the poetry chair. I am not a poetry fan but I do love that chair!

  4. I love the ROCKINGHAM CLUB CHAIR, but I'd need something to prop up my feet too.

  5. These are all gorgeous. WIsh I can have one of those hehehe.

  6. I would say i would keep THE ROMANCE CHAIR, it look so comfy and would definitely relaxing while you read a book.

  7. I very much like the Belchamp Chesterfield Sofa. It looks so inviting and snuggly !

  8. Awe! These are some amazing chairs and sofas. I wish we have those at home, but what we have right now are comfortable so I am good. I love the HOWARD LOUNGE CHAIR though. It looks like a perfect chair for reading a really good book and with a blanket over you to keep warm. :)

  9. I love the Biography and Crime Thriller chairs! I also really love my recliner that I like to sit in and read. :)

  10. The Poetry Chair is beautiful! I would love to have one for a reading nook in my master bedroom!

  11. Oh dear! These are super lovely chairs! I badly want the Chick Lit chair in my bedroom.

  12. i have ot go with the first one only because i can sling my legs over the arm and relax

  13. I would love to have one of these in my makeup room

  14. Ohhh my! These are all gorgeous, I dream of nice furniture like this. Maybe someday. :)

  15. I love the Biography / Non-Fiction Chair chair!! The Poetry chair is gorgeous too.

  16. I love the poetry chair! I wish I had a big enough house for a reading chair *dreams*


Always lovely to hear your comments xx

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