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Friday, January 17, 2014

Our Dog's New Favourite Pet Store - SwellPets ! Which doggie bed would your dog choose ?

Firstly, meet our two dogs, regular followers may have already met them but let me introduce you to them again.  Now this chap is called Harvey, our Border Terrier, a rescue dog.  Yes he does look like butter wouldn't melt and an angel but he certainly has his own 'terrier mind' and seems to think he is the boss of the house, we are still in progress with telling him otherwise.

Then we have the Lady of the house, Gwen, our Border Collie, again a rescue dog this time from the Dog's Trust.  Gwen was such a sweet, quiet but very shy dog when she first came to us, she found it very hard to trust us.  Unfortunately Harvey has shared some of his bad habits to his lady friend but she is still a lovely dog and I'm happy to report she now trusts us completely and loves all her cuddles and she can certainly boss Harvey around.

We always treat our dogs at Christmas, not as much as the children obviously but they are so much part of the family.  This year was no different, I'm sure many of you were the same with your own pets, toys, squeakies, bones, treats and of course their very own Christmas dinner which was then repeated on Boxing Day as well !!  We also treated them to two rather luxurious beds this year, they deserve it :-)  As it was Christmas we didn't want to get them just any pet bed, so we decided to get them heated dog beds, the K & H Self Warming Pet Lounger on the left and to the right the K & H Quilted Thermo Bed.

The favourite one has to be the K & H Quilted Thermo Bed.  We chose the medium sized bed as they would no doubt be sharing it,  the size is 26 in x 29 in and we opted for the tan/mocha colour.  This actually plugs into the mains electric just like a heated bed blanket, once plugged in the bed warms up. Believe me when I say the touch of this bed is as soft and luxurious as it looks in the image, no wonder the dogs love it.  The back of the bed is a suede like material.  The cover does come off by unzipping for easy washing on a low temperature.

I knew it would be a hit with Harvey as he really does like his warmth, in the summer months he lays in the garden sunbathing or on our chaise lounge in the bedroom as the sun beats down on him.  He absolutely loves this.  The heat stays in the pet bed and it doesn't alter the temperature of the room when in use.  Gwen also loves the bed, in fact it is a case of who ever enters the room first gets the big bed.  So far they haven't laid on it together but we haven't had it that long.

From the SwellPets Website
The K and H Thermo Heated Dog Bed is a great heated dog bed for dogs that are getting older or for those dogs that like their warmth and comfort. The Thermo Heated Dog Bed provides therapeutic benefits for pets of all ages. The bed is controlled on a thermostat so all you have to do is plug the bed in and then its ready to use. 

The dual thermostats maintain a surface temperature approx 12 to 15 degrees above ambient air temperature to your pet's normal body temperature when in use. The heater is removable for when it comes time to wash the bed. The bed is recommended for indoor use only and comes with a one year limited warranty. 

The bed is designed to warm your pet and not your house by using less energy than a night light. The bed is available in small medium and large. The bed comes in two colours Tan/Mocha or Sage/Tan.


The K & H Self Warming Pet Lounger is also a hit but mainly with Harvey, Gwen is a little bit dubious of it at the moment due to it being that bit smaller, this one measures 16 in x 20 in.  This is again not only gorgeous to look at but luxurious again in touch, the outer sides of the bed are a cotton/canvas like material while the bottom of the bed has a non slip material on it.

This one does not plug into the mains electric it simply uses the pets own heat to radiate the warmth using special insulation inside the bed.  I was really pleasantly surprised with this one, when I read on the website about how the bed worked I somehow imagined the material to be like a nylon but it's not it's a beautiful velvety fleece. 

Forgive me for using this image below as I know its not the best, but I couldn't resist showing you how grumpy Harvey was that I had woken him up to take his photo of him lying in the bed, dogs you just have to love them !!

From the SwellPets Website
This is a great product for both cats and dogs. The K&H Pet self warming lounger comes in a Mocha/Green colour so very fashionable to fit into the modern home. 

The outer of the made is a poly/cotton and the inside is lined in soft micro fleece. The pillow has a layer of metalized insulation that radiates warmth generated from the pets own body heat. The bed works along side the pet so no electricity is needed. 

The lounger is completely machine washable and filled with premium polyfil made from recycled plastic bottles. The bottom of the bed is non slip so ideal for the modern house with wooden floors.


Both these great beds can be found at

Plus there is FREE DELIVERY for every order over £29
with Next Day Delivery

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Also on Facebook    Twitter     Google+

Also on Facebook     Twitter     Google+

 Sharon x

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  1. What a cutie. I like the one with the green!

  2. Those look like comfy pet beds. We don't have animals now but I will keep them in mind for the future!

  3. Oh my, what lovely puppies!! Harvey is such a handsome boy, makes me want to give him a HUGE hug!!

  4. Your doggies are so cute! And those look like nice comfy beds for them :)

  5. I love it, the green one would suit my dog the best!

  6. they look so comfortable and cozy on their sleeping beds.

  7. Those beds are interesting. I'll check websites here in the U.S. that sells the same for our 11 month old pug. Your dogs looks so comfy.

  8. OH those are nice things for your fur babies. We recently bought a crate pad for our dogs and they love it.

  9. That bed looks comfy enough to sleep in for people not just dogs!


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