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Monday, January 20, 2014

My favourite gift this Christmas - The Pineapple Lamp from Good Gracious

This Christmas my favourite gift I gave out was the one to my youngest son, a Pineapple Table Lamp.  Why? I hear you ask.....He absolutely loves Pineapples, every time we go to the supermarket we almost always have a Pineapple or a fresh box of pineapple chunks in the shopping trolley.  When his teacher asked him what he would ask for if she was to buy him a present his reply was simply a pineapple, which gave her quite a chuckle I was told.

So I thought it would be a great idea to see if I could get him a pineapple lamp for his bedroom, we had only just decorated and kitted out his older brother's bedroom, so this would be a great touch to his bedroom plus it would give him such a giggle.

My mission, I chose to except, was to search the Internet to see what was available, not as easy as I first thought as I wanted something teenager like, nothing too childish and not brass or china.  Then I found it from a company called Good Gracious!

Product details: 
Size: 33 x 18cm (approx)
Material: Moulded, heat resistant plastic

All prices include VAT and FREE UK SHIPPING Shipping to countries outside of Europe available.

Additional Details: CE certified, and supplied as standard with 220-240v light fittings with an EU plug (plus a CE certified UK adapter for UK) For indoor use only.

Manufactured and hand finished in Germany

Both my husband and I were so excited when the lamp arrived to see how it really looked.  We were so pleased, it was just perfect.  First it was made from hard plastic so if it was accidentally knocked over then there would be no problem.  The detail on the lamp was great with the colours, the shaped peel to the fruit and the tuft of spiky leaves to the top.

We seriously could not wait for him to open it on Christmas Day, it was so much fun to see their faces, that was definitely one present that they were not expecting to see.

On Boxing Day the lamp made it's way to his bedroom where he couldn't wait to use it.  You can see from the image above the detail and just how well made it is.

Here it is in the dark as well which makes it look so much better !!

I'm so grateful to Good Gracious for making this idea become reality, this was the only company I could find in the UK that had what I was looking for, without them we would not have had such a great subject to talk about.  What's more I found out that their salesroom is only 1 hours drive away !!

Find them on Facebook and Twitter

Sharon x
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  1. It's certainly an interesting lamp!! How many people can honestly say they own a pineapple lamp? xx

  2. LOL well that did make me go 'good gracious!' Actually I think it would be great fun in a dining room or kitchen too!

  3. So cute. Sounds nice a durable too :)

  4. I went to Dubai in October 2012 and there was a Pineapple Chandelier in the Hotel lobby!!!! Awesome lamp! :) xx

  5. That's so cool. I love how it makes upside down hearts!

  6. That's definitely fun looking. What a neat gift idea!

  7. Lol thats so cute! love how it looks all lighted up! thank you so much for sharing!

  8. What a fun gift to give someone. I love it!! Makes me smile and think of summertime.

  9. That is a different lap. I have never seen a pineapple lamp before.

  10. I think this is so cute. Thanks for sharing.


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