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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Book Reviewers Wanted xx A Prison of Lies – A Journey Through Madness by Robert Thomas Doran

A Prison of Lies – A Journey Through Madness by Robert Thomas Doran

Open to reviewers worldwide
Tour February


The psychological fiction mirrors the authors own struggle with mental illness and is a remarkable piece of heroic journey to sanity.......

In his novel, A Prison of Lies, Robert Thomas Doran portrays a troubled youth, who confronts a world of sadness and hopelessness and comes to question the existence of God. Beset by challenges on every quarter: unable to fit in with his peers, shamed by his sexuality, ill equipped for emotional intimacy and unable to express himself with girls; he slips from a depression into full blown mental illness. In the depths of his illness, he battles internal demons that threaten to steal his innocence with evil thoughts and hallucinations.

In "A Prison of Lies," Doran presents a story of anguish, breakdown, and recovery with the hope that this journey through mental illness might raise our consciousness; kindle a common understanding and most importantly, facilitate the recovery of individuals who may be similarly afflicted. As he offers this compelling glimpse into a man's personal crisis that includes the reasons why he loathed himself and developed a massive inferiority complex, Doran illuminates an intriguing and often frightening path into what exactly motivates suicides and fuels crimes of passion. Highlighted in his story are insightful poems and compelling conversations therapists and hypnotists.

"A Prison of Lies" is a brutally honest look into one man's odyssey into the darkness of mental illness and finally out into the light where he finally heals his broken spirit and begins a new chapter in his life.

Praise for - A Prison of Lies
What mental illness looks like from the inside
"This book is not an "easy read". It is however the first time I have ever gotten an inkling about what a person suffering from mental illness is going through. It is difficult to read the cycles of obsessive illogic and compulsion. These make you want to scream, step back and get some perspective. It is painful to witness how the steps toward recovery are so small and so slow. And yet, on the book's final pages we do see recovery. It is a book of hope, but a very hard earned hope.

I would recommend this book for anyone who has a loved one suffering from mental illness who would like to know what is going on. I would also hope that it could be offered to young people. If I had read this book at 18 I might have known what the signs were and had a better idea of how to offer help. I would have been better prepared for life and been of more use to people who were dear to me."
- Robert C. La Mont

Excitingly dark and gripping read
"Robert Doran has painted a gripping, detailed mural of the progression of mental health illness. He depicts a torn canvas of a damaged youth, the downward spiral that ended in a nervous breakdown during his early adulthood, and his courageous yet painstaking road to recovery. The dark world Doran portrays within the mind of the protagonist and about mental health illness will introduce people to ways of thinking that are rarely spoken of out loud. Moreover, the book promises the idea that such problems can be overcome."
- Chad Coren, PsyD

A story of redemption and inspiration
The rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood is a crystallizing event in a man's life. It can be full of excitement and discovery, awakenings and awareness, new experiences and journeys. It can also bring rejection, depression, and displacement. In the case of Thomas Doran, his emotional development took a turn sideways when at the end of an emotional involvement he was systematically annihilated. Consequently he made that passage into adulthood, maladjusted, disoriented, and suffering from profound mental and emotional traumas. 

Fortunately for us as the readers, Doran chose to portray what a passage such as this can be like in his novel, A PRISON OF LIES. This story of deep morass and redemption is an inspiration for all of us, whether we share in the depths of his depression, or know others who do. It is a read that reaches us way down there where we normally don't like to go and brings us unblinkingly into that darkness (happily, now past.)
- Anthony DiPello

A powerful novel.
A Prison of Lies is a powerful and eye opening novel. In reading it, I was compelled to imagine myself and my loved ones in Thomas Doran's shoes. It was painful to experience his struggle to break free of the demons that engulfed him, and to witness that inner war, much of which was fought without any outside system of support. Having read this book, I hope to be more aware of my own words and actions. We are often unaware of how deeply our words and actions are impacting others. Definitely a good read for the soul.
- Cheryl Snoha

Sharon x

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