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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Book Review - Evil Shadows by Rick Hallock

Book Review
Evil Shadows
by Rick Hallock

Book Description
Evil Shadows is a true story of the extremes of identity theft that can lead to arrest, prosecution and imprisonment of the victim. It shows how the author’s identity was stolen and how that theft ultimately led to his financial ruin and closure of his successful business enterprise, all the result of actions of federal agents and prosecutors.

After an exhaustive investigation, the author lays bare the whole story of how his identity was stolen and how it was used as cover for commission of other crimes.

The story tells of his becoming the primary suspect in a worldwide federal investigation for those crimes and how federal authorities leveled their awesome and destructive powers directly at him in their zeal to make an arrest. It details the destruction of his successful publishing company and of how he narrowly avoided being arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned for a crime he did not commit.

The story concludes with self-help chapters on the subjects of Prevention, Detection and Recovery from identity theft.
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About the Author
RICK HALLOCK was born and raised in the Catskill region of New York State. He entered the US Navy in 1965 serving on board nuclear powered guided missile Submarine USS Robert E Lee where he made seven patrols over a four-year period and where he discovered he had a natural talent for computer programming.

Upon leaving the Navy he tried the corporate life but in 1979 decided to leave that world behind and set off in pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities.

Over the years, he took part in the formation of two successful business enterprises culminating in the founding of Ferncliff Associates Inc. Under the Ferncliff banner he created and published the successful authoring products known as CDMotion and DVDMotion. The enterprise and products enjoyed substantial successes in the late 1990s but were ultimately destroyed by Rick’s Evil Shadows in the spring of 2000.

Today Rick splits his time between Naples, Florida and Saratoga Springs, New York while continuing to provide software engineering services. In his spare time he writes and pursues his next entrepreneurial opportunity.
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Our Book Review
Having had his computer system hacked, his identify stolen to be used for illegal gains, his loss of business and to a degree his reputation whilst been investigated is a harrowing situation and every ones worst nightmare .

The authors fight to clear his name no matter what when the odds are totally stacked against him is one of true bravery and courage.  The authors honesty and emotion that is is portrayed in the book are first rate.

At every point in the fight for justice and asking the relevant powers to return his computer data so he could prove his innocence he is met with silence and obstacles, which proves to add to a very dark side to the law system.

The only down side to this true saga is the fact that because the writer is an expert in computer systems, the depth of computer language and the way the systems work are a little bit confusing and takes reading more than once to understand it.

The worrying factor is the situation that happened could happen to anyone at anytime anywhere. The strength of character shown by the novelist and the support of his family to fight the authorities together is immense where lesser belief would tear the family unit apart.

A really honest and in depth account of emotion and traumatic stress. If anyone who is interested in computer fraud and how it could affect your life should read this novel.

Our Rating

Sharon x

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  1. This sounds like a fabulous read! I love books like this! going to check it out!

  2. Wowsers, this sounds intense! I always love stories that are based on a true story!

  3. This book sounds like something I would enjoy reading !


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