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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Legendary Tour for the latest of the Chronicles of Guiamo Durmius Stolo - Inis Emain Ablach by Marshall Best plus Giveaway !!

The Chronicles of Giamo Durmius Stolo by Marshall Best
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The Legendary Tour

As the lighting blazed in a dancing, arcing column to the sky, a voice deep and powerful as thunder said, “My son, today my powers are bestowed upon you.”

This tour goes back to the age of legends. The author has taken a deep dive into rich history, bringing his love of fantasy with him. 

Character Study, Part I

     As those who are familiar with Guiamo may know, The Chronicles of Guiamo Durmius Stolo, like many stories before them, would never have come to be if it were not for the love of a father. Having written The Princess Meredith Bedtime Tales for his six year old daughter, Marshall Best decided to begin writing stories for his other children as well.  He began with 10 year old William, fashioning Guiamo, the main character in his series, after his son. Some of the characteristics of Guiamo come directly from William, now nearly 16.  From the young age of five, William's mind has ever been coming up with ideas of inventions to solve problems.  In the same likeness, Guiamo faces problems with an inventive mind. He does not allow himself to be bound by what is available at the time, but seeks to create a solution to a problem. When Guiamo faces an enormous boar one day out hunting, he does not admit defeat but sets to devising a way to catch his prey as shown in the excerpt below.

Guiamo’s heart leaped as he saw first the enormous snout, and then the entire head come into view. This was no ordinary pig raised in the farms around Gobedbiacum. It seemed nearly the size of an ox, larger than any he had ever seen. The tusks were each over a span in length.

Guiamo’s mind began churning the moment Gabinius finished his words. He thought of nets and snares, rocks thrown, hidden pits, and traps of flame. As his mind explored wild possibilities, by next afternoon, he finally settled on an idea, though some details had yet to be defined.

“I need an arrow, Saloni. A big arrow,” he said. “It must be as long as a spear and I need a bow designed to launch it. I want to skewer that boar with an arrow so large and powerful that the boar will drop in its tracks with a single shot. It must pierce flesh and shatter bone.”

“Why not just throw a spear?” asked Salonius.

“I cannot throw it hard enough for a certain, quick kill. I would just make him angry again,” said Guiamo. “I need this arrow, and I need a bow large enough to shoot it powerfully.”

Salonius thought about this for a moment, and skeptically asked, “Durmi, you are but twelve years old. How would you draw back such a bow?”

Guiamo understood the difficulty and said, “That I have not figured out yet, but I shall, Saloni, I shall.”

 -Excerpt from Guiamo by Marshall Best
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Combining legitimate legends with actual historical events, Marshall Best weaves an epic story that portrays the ancient world as it might have been, a world which the ancient historians recorded as fact; a time when gods ruled the earth and strange creatures dominated the land. It is the era of civilized conquerors exploring distant and primitive new lands. Scant recordings left to us today only touch on the fringe of the fantastic and brutal reality that existed in those distant lands of the west. 

Into this age, young Guiamo enters the world stage as the great game-changer, and by his hand the gods and beasts become destined to disappear into myth and legend.

The Chronicles:

Guiamo (The Chronicles of Guiamo Durmius Stolo, #1)Guiamo

In 60 B.C., ten-year-old Guiamo Durmius Stolo, an exceptionally gifted Roman orphan, is abandoned in Gaul . Left to fend for himself, Guiamo is set onto a path of legend. Recognized by the gods as having world-changing talents, he is given a weapon that changes his destiny and the world’s forever. 

Cumoro (The Chronicles of Guiamo Durmius Stolo, #2)

Guiamo Durmius Stolo sails in 55 B.C. with Rome’s 7th Legion as Julius Caesar invades Britain. But Caesar has not before encountered the Fomori, a dominion of wicked creatures which wage war against the human inhabitants and dominate much of Britain. Armed with his god-made spear, Guiamo joins with the tribal kings against their Fomori foe when Caesar departs. 

Having destroyed the Fomori in Britain , Guiamo Durmius Stolo decides in 51 B.C. to bring the Cruthin people, once slaves to the Fomori, to Ireland , but encounters the Fomori who reside there as well. Guiamo discovers that the gods venerated by the Druids are unworthy. The gods are displeased with him and begin to work against him.

In 50 B.C. Guiamo Durmius Stolo finds himself victor over the detested Fomori whose leader, Cichol, is slain and those few who survived are scattered. Guiamo explores the secret places where Cichol kept his most important secrets and discovers there the treasures of Cichol's master, the goddess Domnu.

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The Author:

Marshall BestMarshall Best is an avid reader, father of six and business owner. In the past several years he has found his love of writing as well. What began as a desire to write a story for his children has evolved into a nine book series.

Marshall has done extensive research into the history behind the legends, people and places of England, Scotland and Ireland involved in his books. He loves being able to weave real people and legends into his stories making them come alive. He is definitely a writer that tends to the details often mapping out timetables, calendars, geneologies, etc. that pertain to his book to ensure that it is as realistic as possible. 

Marshall also enjoys putting real life issues into his books, delving into a bit of philosophy while entertaining with orcs, dragons, magic and battles. He is someone who loves a grand adventure but makes sure it's not a shallow one.

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