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Monday, November 25, 2013

Book Reviews - Twin Flames / Love Collection by Kanta Bosniak

Kanta Bosniak is an author, artist, coach and interfaith minister with over 40 years experience an educator in Spiritual Growth and Guided Meditation. 
"Almost all my books, the workshops that I facilitate, and the one-on-one work I do with individual clients incorporates creativity in the spiritual growth process. This is because positive thoughts need to go deeper than the intellectual level. When they are intended to be so, creative activities like creative journaling, poetry-writing, drawing and doodle art, can be forms of self-hypnosis or meditation. They can take you right into your center of peace and wisdom and keep you engaged there long enough to enjoy an increased sense of well-being and to receive inspiration for your next steps in creating the life you desire. Please feel free to use these pages as a launching pad to your own artistic explorations. Extend and expand beyond the lines, jot notes, write haikus and affirmations, and above all have fun! " - author Kanta Bosniak

Celebrating the author's latest book release from her 'Love Collection'

Twin Flames is the third book of sacred love poems by author, artist and minister Rev. Kanta Bosniak. Blending spirituality, sensuality, raw human emotion and spiritual bliss, love for the beloved and the Inner Beloved, the author’s original poems and classic love quotes, all served up with whimsical illustrations, it’s a romantic feast to be savored and shared. It makes a lovely gift for your friends, your sweetheart, wedding party or wedding “thank you,” engaged or anniversary couple. And most of all, as a gift from you to you, as you honor both your spiritual and romantic selves and the delicious interplay between them.

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My Review
This is the fourth book from Kanta's 'Love Collection' and I am impressed, in fact I have these books in my bedroom as I believe that just by reading a couple each night can work wonders to try and break down the walls I have built over the years around my own heart.

You are greeted by carefully thought out symbolic hand drawn pictures each with its own meaning.  Which nicely leads you into the spiritually led, fun and witty, off the wall uplifting poems by the author, each providing suggestions/hints/triggers to learning to love ourselves and embracing the life we are given for all it is.

I feel that Kanta is growing herself as she writes the poems in the collection as she prompts the reader to open their heart, to love and receive love.  I found that the strength of a word in a sentence can pull at you as you realise that is where you are now, highlighting the need for change.

There can be only one outcome on reading Kanta's books, a feeling of joy and page by page either your heart begins to open or if you are already at that stage you treasure and seek more of the love you have.

More from the 'Love Collection'

Kanta Bosniak's Love Poems express the joy, zeal, and sense of sacred connection we feel when we are in love with a partner, passionate friend, spouse, or the inner Beloved. The collection is a potent combination of romantic and spiritual love whimsically illustrated by the author. Readers will find in it just the right blend of humor, sweetness and ardor. A perfect little gift for a special occasion, or simply to celebrate the everyday miracle of unruly, surprising love!

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My Review
When you pick up any book written by Kanta you cannot help falling into her comforting, soft and gentle words yet off course in this book you find uplifting phrases and poems.  It is not a book from a poet that is not the intention of this book, the unique random poems are fun, cheery, spiritual, and somewhat familiar in places.  They inject triggers and thought to the brain as her soulful words are surrounded with the purpose of love, inner love, love as couples, love to the higher and the pure enjoyment of love.  This is a book that will make you smile, giggle and enjoy, perhaps even bring you some comfort.

Accompanying the words are also full page unique free hand drawings, each thought out by Kanta again with meaning as well as phrases and quotes throughout.

My favourite poem immediately was Chakra Sweet and is one that I will think of everyday, very short but meaningful in purpose.  Other favourites were Aloha Heart, Socks and Mind Reader.

A lovely unique book to enhance the love inside of you, a perfect book throughout the year.

Awakened Love is the second in a series of sacred love poetry by New Thought author, artist and minister Kanta Bosniak. Delightfully illustrated with whimsical, heart-themed drawings and quotes on love, the book imbues spiritual meaning with lightness and a sense of fun. The perfect size to slip in with a wedding gift or slide across the table at that special dinner. As with Bosniak's other print books, you're invited to color in and embellish the illustrations as you desire. A sweet little gift book and rich new source of alternative wedding readings.

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My Review
The unique random uplifting poems continue in this second book from Kanta.  Her words are fun, happy, soulful and spiritual helping you to recognise the true you, your deep rooted inner you with cleverly worked triggers of simple subtle words in poems.  They trigger happiness and love and you find yourself smiling as you read, you can even find some touch your heart, as the title suggests they try to awaken the love inside.

I found this book a little more focused yet still gentle and soothing.  The overall message I found to be is to be yourself as you are, not as you think you should be, love yourself and those around you, slow down and enjoy the life of love we have in the moment.  The simple free hand drawings from Kanta echo this, sometimes a very simple image creates the most intense meaning.  Quotes and phrases, selected by Kanta, also accompany the book throughout.

I have plenty of favourites such as Mirror Heart but the one most closest to my heart was Porcupines and Otters.  A wonderful thought provoking book that can be enjoyed by so many.

Nurture your spirit with hands-on creativity that activates inner wisdom and joy! This coloring book for teens and adults includes whimsical illustrations from mind/body/spirit books of author/artist Kanta Bosniak. They invite you to find love inside, out and everywhere and to draw outside the lines!

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My Review
A coloring book for adults and children alike with simple free hand pictures full of love, joy, happiness and self acceptance, some including a positive phrase. They provide the author's mental image of what she is describing prompting you further to think more about them.  I had to smile and giggle at the second picture especially with my love for 'real books' I love it.

This book is disguised as a basic spiritual coloring book, yet as with her other books they provide gentle triggers of love and happiness.

More books from the author

About Kanta Bosniak
Kanta Bosniak is an author, artist, coach and interfaith minister with over 40 years experience an educator in Spiritual Growth and Guided Meditation. She illustrates her publications with playful drawings and vibrant, color-rich cover art, so that readers and CD listeners can enjoy owning her work.

As your personal collection grows, you may be interested to know that you're in good company! Collectors of Kanta's art include a Nobel Prize Winner, an Emmy-winning producer, a popular television actress, several authors, a U.S. National champion athlete and people of all walks of life.

Kanta lives in Southwestern Virginia, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where she has a private practice of coaching and Guided Imagery. She is available for appointments both in person and by telephone and Skype. She is a frequent speaker at New Thought churches, universities and Holistic Education centers and conferences throughout the US. She is listed in Who's Who of American Women.

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Sharon x

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  1. What a great focus and message...especially for this time of year! And I love the idea of a coloring book for adults! I'll have to put these on my list!

  2. Sharon, thank you so much! When I read your reviews, I felt a deep sense of joy and satisfaction because you really get me and what I'm doing and that is happy juice!
    xoxo Kanta


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