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Thursday, May 16, 2013

BOOK TOUR & GIVEAWAY - Guiamo - Book 1 of The Chronicles of Guiamo Durmius Stolo by Marshall Best

A historical fantasy series which starts in 60 B.C. and spans hundreds of years covering many of the historical legends, myths, battles and people of England, Scotland and Ireland. It is the story of young Guiamo Durmius Stolo, abandoned at the age of 10. Through the kindness and wisdom of others, his inventive and courageous spirit and a gift from the god Mars, Guiamo will change the world.

Guiamo Book One - In 60 B.C., ten-year-old
Guiamo Durmius Stolo, an exceptionally gifted Roman orphan, is abandoned in Gaul . Left to fend for himself, Guiamo is set onto a path of legend. Recognized by the gods as having world-changing talents, he is given a weapon that changes his destiny and the world's forever. 

Combining legitimate legends with actual historical events, Marshall Best weaves an epic story that portrays the ancient world as it might have been, a world which the ancient historians recorded as fact; a time when gods ruled the earth and strange creatures dominated the land. It is the era of civilized conquerors exploring distant and primitive new lands. Scant recordings left to us today by ancient writers only touch on the fringe of the fantastic and brutal reality that existed in those distant lands of the west. Into this age, young Guiamo enters the world stage as the great game-changer, and by his hand the gods and beasts become destined to disappear into myth and legend 

"The book was full of powerful and inspirational characters. I could easily relate to many of Guiamo's challenges as he matured from a child to a young man. I can't wait to read the next book in this series." - review from 

"A captivating story of a 10 year old boy abandoned in Rome during the era of Julius Ceasar." - review taken from Goodreads
"I love that the book mixes history and myth together. You can almost get the sense of what it was like to live in the Roman empire. Life was difficult but you still have the optimism that you can change your life and excel. It teaches kids that hard work pays off and it still gives that sense of adventure" - Kelli R

"Guiamo is a hidden gem of historical fiction tucked away here in the treasure chest of literature that is! I enjoyed immersing myself in a time period I know so little about, and taking that journey with the enigmatic youth, Guiamo Stolo" - review from

Marshall BestMarshall Best is an avid reader, father of six and business owner. In the past several years he has found his love of writing as well. What began as a desire to write a story for his children has evolved into a nine book series. 

Marshall has done extensive research into the history behind the legends, people and places of England, Scotland and Ireland involved in his books. He loves being able to weave real people and legends into his stories making them come alive. He is definitely a writer that tends to the details often mapping out timetables, calendars, geneologies, etc. that pertain to his book to ensure that it is as realistic as possible.  

Marshall also enjoys putting real life issues into his books, delving into a bit of philosophy while entertaining with orcs, dragons, magic and battles. He is someone who loves a grand adventure but makes sure it's not a shallow one. 

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Click to order The Chronicles of Guiamo Durmius Stolo
Guiamo Durmius Stolo sails in 55 B.C. with Rome's 7th Legion as Julius Caesar invades Britain. But Caesar has not before encountered the Fomori, a dominion of wicked creatures which wage war against the human inhabitants and dominate much of Britain. Armed with his god-made spear, Guiamo joins with the tribal kings against their Fomori foe when Caesar departs.

Having destroyed the Fomori in Britain , Guiamo Durmius Stolo decides in 51 B.C. to bring the Cruthin people, once slaves to the Fomori, to Ireland , but encounters the Fomori who reside there as well. Guiamo discovers that the gods venerated by the Druids are unworthy. The gods are displeased with him and begin to work against him. 

In 50 B.C. Guiamo Durmius Stolo finds himself victor over the detested Fomori whose leader, Cichol, is slain and those few who survived are scattered. Guiamo explores the secret places where Cichol kept his most important secrets and discovers there the treasures of Cichol's master, the goddess Domnu. 



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Sharon x

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  1. Sharon,
    Thanks once again for all you did with the Guiamo book tour. Since the tour, we have seen sales increase by quite a bit and they seem to trickle in steadily each day. One of the biggest hurdles for any new author is convincing others to give his/her book a chance. You and your group of reviewers definitely did the trick! Guiamo has been in the top 100 kindle books for Greek and Roman Myths and Legends for several weeks. Equally exciting is that it has been listed as a top rated book as well. You were a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing a mutual relationship of encouraging each other on our journeys.

    1. It was an absolute pleasure running the Guiamo book tour, I love running different genres and the feedback from both hubbie and all our wonderful reviewers was brilliant. Wishing you both all the very best luck in the near future with your literary works xx


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