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Monday, April 22, 2013

Book Review - The Iris Covenant by Betty Byron with Cassius Mullen

Book Review

The Iris Covenant
by Betty Byron with Cassius Mullen
About the Author
Betty Byron was born in Louisville, Kentucky and is a graduate of Miami University of Ohio. Following graduation, she married a career military officer and spent the ensuing years traveling throughout the contiguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Australia, United Kingdom and Continental Europe. Her husband served in South Korea and Vietnam and visited Japan and Hong Kong. After her husband's retirement, Betty decided to write novels based on her impressions from years of travel and interacting with people from various countries. Her interests include reading, traveling, collecting teddy bears and interior decorating. She now resides with her husband in Texas.

Book Description
A young nuclear scientist is found dead in the parking lot of a Virginia laboratory. The briefcase he was carrying has disappeared.

A hero abroad and at home, Buck Whithers gains new notoriety when he saves a mother and her son from a murderous attack. But when tragedy strikes his own family, Buck is ill prepared to respond to a faceless opponent. A phone call in the dead of night opens the door to the shadowy world of global industrial espionage, and Buck is led to believe that the death of his son is related to the theft of industrial secrets. He agrees to demands of secrecy in hopes of finding justice for his son. The unfolding drama reveals a scheme bigger than he could have imagined, striking at the heart of America’s nuclear power. An enemy rooted in decades of resentment strives once again to use America’s resources against her. The leader of the conspiracy, a corporate mogul, is driven by an ancient vow of vengeance that reaches back to World War II.

When a sensitive facility is seized by terrorists, Buck’s plans for revenge are put on hold, and he is called to active duty. From Kyoto to the Gulf of Mexico, one man’s industrial espionage tightens its grip on American power. Building from Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, The Iris Covenant binds the far-reaching consequences to the personal impact each decision will have.

Can peace ever settle between the nations that inflicted such suffering upon each other? Betty Byron and Cassius Muller offer a testament to enduring loyalty and profound love in this sweeping drama. A sweeping drama of clashing countries, The Iris Covenant portrays the lengths two families will pursue to right the wrongs committed against their ancestors.


Our Book Review 
A very intriguing and absolving novel, not only bringing two major countries into conflict but two families as well.

When his son is killed Buck Withers is insistent on finding his killer which brings him in contact with the Iris cooperation in Japan, whose leader is looking for revenge on the USA for past demeanours on his ancestors.

This novel is first rate based around the world of disposing toxic waste which could make millions.

The Americans have built a research facility in which the Japanese have planted a spy and whoever can find the solution first will be the world leaders.

The excitement and tension the author creates is excellent.  The characters are vividly described and you feel as if you are sharing their emotions and you are part of their team.

The author also starts you thinking about just how close are the major powers are to finding a solution to the disposal of toxic waste and due to the sensitivity of the subject, where are they dumping at the present time.

The writer cleverly entwines not only the conflict between the leader of the Iris cooperation and his hatred of the USA, but also the past history of Buck Withers and the Iris cooperation leaders dating back to World War 2.

I really enjoyed this novel which is the second one that I have read by this author.  The authors years of travel and knowledge of local traditions shines through and adds extra spice to the storyline.  Anyone who likes a fast paced story with twists and turns with an international flavour will absolutely love this book.

Our Rating

Sharon x

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  1. Looks like a great book of intrigue, suspense and family loyalties! All great threads in a novel!

  2. First I love the book cover. The story sounds very interesting. Will look into it. Thanks!

  3. I like all the dramas, sounds like it would be a great read.

  4. This seems like it brings politics and military drama together with personal histories and unresolved pasts. It’s the kind of story I love. I hope it’s the start of a series!

    Elizabeth Rising Early, 31 Days


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