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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Believe in Me by Mishael Austin Witty Guest Post and Book Excerpts

Believe in Me
by Mishael Austin Witty 

 Reconciliations can occur. 
Broken hearts can be mended. 
If you believe… 
 Trina Gray leaves a stack of paperwork on her desk and heads home for the holidays. There’s just one slight problem. Her mother has invited her soon-to-be ex-husband, Walt, to spend Christmas with them. Walt’s presence sends Trina running to a friend’s house, where she runs into another ex—her old high school boyfriend, Kurt. Trina and Kurt almost immediately pick up where they left off. Will Trina and Kurt rekindle their young romance? Or will she repair her relationship with Walt? These questions, and more, are answered within the pages of Believe in Me.

Here's the link to the first excerpt: Believe in Me Excerpt #1
Here's the second excerpt: Believe in Me Excerpt #2
And here is the third excerpt: Believe in Me Excerpt #3.

A video excerpt of the old beginning of the novella. This part is still in the novella. It just comes at a slightly later point. Check it out! :-)

BELIEVE IN ME is now available for sale! You can buy the book at Amazon.
It is also available in various ereader versions at Smashwords.  

About the Author
Mishael Austin Witty was born in Kentucky in 1977. She completed her undergraduate work at the alma mater of Pearl S. Buck and went on to obtain a M.A. in psychology from the University of Louisville. In 2005, her flash fiction work, "Today You Will Be With Me," won an Editor's Choice award and was published in the Faithwriters anthology, A Year of Celebration. Ms. Witty self-published her first novel, Unyoked (formerly titled Shadows of Things to Come), in 2007. It is now available as a Kindle download. She is currently working on the sequel. 

Sharon x

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  1. It sounds like a book my mother would really enjoy.

  2. Now this sounds like something that would happen to me!! The book sounds good--on my TBR list it goes!!

  3. I think this is my type of book

  4. I will have to check this out. I finally found an e-reader I like so hopefully it comes in that format.

  5. Love the excerpt, looks like a very good read!

  6. Thank you for reading, something I would like to hear than reading

  7. Like any good book, this one is worth reading.


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