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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Book Reviews - What Squirrels Do Trilogy by Hazel Nutt plus special Easter Signed Give Away

Written and Illustrated by Hazel Nutt 


What Squirrels Do When You’re Not Looking is Book One in the What Squirrels Do series.

Just what do squirrels do when you are not looking? This picture book takes a funny look at answers to questions like:

  • What would happen if squirrels didn’t pee or poo?
  • What happens if squirrels don’t get enough nuts?
  • How do squirrels say ‘hi’?

  • Also you can bet that squirrels having something to do with Why car alarms go off in the middle of the night!

    What Squirrels Do When You are Not Looking is available from:
    Kindle (

    Our Book Review
    A wonderful way to introduce your child in to the aspects of nature and wildlife.  The book describes the world of the squirrel in a fun and humorous way that children will easily understand, really enjoy and have a giggle at, I did!  Large bright coloured pictures really tell the story and are set against the short rhyming text.  A great way for children to realise what fun reading can be and encourage them to continue as well as venturing outside on the odd nature exploration.


    What Squirrels Do: The Squirrel Olympics is Book Two in the “What Squirrels Do” Series.

    The Squirrel Olympics happen almost everyday at a wood near you and even on the washing line in your garden.

    This childrens’ picture book takes a funny look at Olympic events that squirrels could do. There are traditional events that humans do and a few extra fun ones thrown into the mix to make it thoroughly entertaining and surprising.

    After reading this book, you’ll never look at squirrels in the same way again! Every time you spot one you’ll be trying to decide which squirrel Olympic event they might be in the middle of!

    What Squirrels Do: The Squirrel Olympics is available from:
    CreateSpace eStore
    Kindle (
    Kindle (

    Our Book Review
    The author continues to show the fun and humour of squirrels life's in another imaginative rhyming book.  This time very cleverly describing different Olympic events that the squirrels participate in, enhanced with large lovely coloured pictures.  My favourite events had to be the squirrels limbo dancing and the tightrope walking over neighbours washing lines due to the delightful pictures. An enjoyable book bringing nature and wildlife into a child's life.


    What Squirrels Do: Just For Fun is Book Three in the “What Squirrels Do” Series.

    Squirrels are cheeky, mischievous creatures and get up to all sorts (just like children). This book shows you some of the entertaining antics squirrels like to do, just for fun.

    What do they like to do to us humans, just for fun?

    What happens when they start chatting to swans?

    Just a couple of intriguing questions for you – now get the book to find out the answers!

    This beautifully illustrated fun rhyming book is great to read with your child and you will enjoy it as well, making it become a firm favorite in your household.

    This book gets the imagination going, as well as encouraging nature walks, where you can try and catch squirrels doing the fun antics described in this book. Or maybe you can come up with more antics that squirrels (or other animals) can do just for fun.

    What Squirrels Do: Just For Fun, is available from:
    Kindle (

    Our Book Review
    This book introduces the author, Hazel Nutt, to the young readers as she shares what squirrels like to do for fun to keep themselves entertained.  Another book full of fun and humour that children will love, especially the part where the squirrels use the flowers as pom poms!  A great way to get children thinking more about the joy of nature and wildlife and a good way to get their imaginations working. 

    About the Author
    Hazel Nutt is a toddler who loves nature, especially squirrels, who she often has a good natter with, which is how all these imaginative (could possibly be true) facts have come to light. They tell her their secrets and her parents help her to write them down to share with the world. Loving nature is really important to her and she hopes to make sure that lots of other kids love nature as well.

    Check out the Squirrel Activity Pack 

    squirrel blog tourFINAL 
    As part of this Easter Weekend fun, we are giving some lucky fans signed copies of the What Squirrels Do Trilogy paperbacks, prints from the book and the opportunity to choose the dedication for the next book. Be sure to enter now for more chances to win.
    Plus check out the Family Easter Fun Weekend (30th/31st March) CLICK HERE
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    Sharon x

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    1. Oh this sounds like a fun series to read to a child--I really wish I had someone to give this to but they are all grown up now--

    2. It sounds like a really fun and entertaining book for both the child and the parent.

    3. Each of my kids have different preference when it comes to books, but I am pretty sure, my 2 younger girls would love me to read these books to them before bedtime..

      Liza Barnett

    4. I like squirrels especially when t hey gather nuts. This book is interesting.

    5. I bet my son would love this book, if I do not win, I will be on the lookout for it.

    6. My kids love to read books so this would be a great addition to our collection at home..

    7. So cute! We all liked squirrels, they're so fun to watch and just so adorable! My daughter will surely like this book...

    8. This series looks adorable. My daughter would love these. We have squirrels all over the place where I live and she is fascinated by them.

    9. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and to Sharon for reviewing my What Squirrels Do books. I hope that other children do love my picture books, as that would be a dream come true.

    10. That is sucj=h a cute book. Hate I missed the giveaway


    Always lovely to hear your comments xx

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