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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Book Review - Myths Of The Modern Man by Jacqueline T Lynch

Book Review
Myths Of The Modern Man
by Jacqueline T Lynch

About the Author
jl02forPrintcloseup.jpgJacqueline T. Lynch, author of the Amazon Kindle-published novels "The Current Rate of Exchange", "Beside the Still Waters", "Cadmium Yellow, Blood Red" and "Meet Me in Nuthatch", has published articles and short fiction in regional and national publications, including the anthology "60 Seconds to Shine: 161 Monologues from Literature" (Smith & Kraus, 2007), "North & South", "Civil War Magazine", "History Magazine" and several plays with Eldridge Publishing, Brooklyn Publishers, and Dramatic Publishing Company, one of which has been translated into Dutch and produced in the Netherlands. Her suspense play "One Good Turn" was chosen as a winner in the Northern Kentucky University Y.E.S. Festival of Plays, April 2011.

She also writes three blogs: Another Old Movie Blog - ( A blog on classic films 
New England Travels ( A blog on historical and cultural sites in New England.
Tragedy and Comedy in New England ( A blog on theatre in New England, past and present.

Book Description
A late 21st century time traveler battles bards, druids, warrior queens, and Roman cohorts for survival during the Celtic rebellion against the Romans in Britannia, 60 AD.

Time traveler John Moore’s fate is determined by four women: the Celtic warrior queen Boudicca; Tailtu, a gentle slave purchased from another clan; Dr. Eleanor Roberts, a severe, jealous and brilliant woman who spearheads the time travel mission; and enigmatic Dr. Cheyenne L’esperance, herself a time traveler from an even more distant future. Moore’s mission to survive three battles against the Roman legions coincides with survival tactics and backstabbing in the modern government department. The savage past clashes swords with the desperate future in a time continuum of treachery.

Dr. Eleanor Roberts is Moore’s chief antagonist, but reluctant ally. They are both concerned about being sold out for the ultimate military use of the Time Dimension Study. Dr. Roberts and Moore are joined in the mission by Dr. Ford, an historian more interested in self preservation than preserving history. Dr. Ford and Dr. Roberts are romantically involved, but Dr. Cheyenne L’esperance, a mysterious newcomer to the agency, turns their union into a triangle.

Moore encounters Cailte, a warrior bard of Boudicca’s tribe, and Taliesin, a druid acolyte. They are his sponsors into Boudicca’s inner circle. He meets Nemain, the high druid priest, jealous of his position and power, willing to kill to keep it. Dubh is a clan chieftain, of boundless energy and bloodlust. Cailte’s servants include a woman whom Moore grows to love, and a boy, both taken as slaves from other tribes. They become his surrogate family. When Romans burn Boudicca’s village, whip her like a criminal and rape her daughters, her retaliation on Roman settlements drags John Moore into a whirlpool of revenge that echoes through the centuries, and from which only the bitter partnership of Dr. Roberts and Dr. L’Esperance can save him.

Our Book Review
An intriguing and a refreshing change, a novel about time travel both from the future and into the past.

When John Moore wins the contest to be the subject of the trial he is transported back into the time of Boudicca.  Whilst he is on his mission a stranger appears in the research facility which sent John on his mission but who is she?  And what is her role ?

The author has shown a lot of research throughout the story, the descriptions of how the people lived, traveled and most of all survived is first rate .

Whilst John Moore is on his mission the emotions and stress that are felt back in the lab, as well as the tension between the researchers and the directors on the outcome of the mission which will affect future funding, is excellent and truly believable.

The narrative is fast paced, full of excitement and adventure, which keeps the reader enrapt .

As John Moore is transported back in time the excellent descriptions make you feel that you are sat right beside him taking everything on board and traveling alongside him on his journey .

The characters that he meets are brought to life excellently and the roles and status that their hold in their lifetime are accurately portrayed .

This is the second book that I have read by this particularly author, both being totally different but the author style of writing involves and hooks the reader from page one.

Our Rating
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Sharon x

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  1. One busy lady! The book does sound good, I'll have to look into it!

  2. Time travel is a fascinating subject for a book or movie. It's very nature makes it a prime vehicle to craft a story of intrigue and suspense. I love the concept of this book! Sounds like a good read.

  3. Sounds like an intriguing read. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Now this is time travel the way I like it--past and future-in and out-back and around! I also enjoy it when the authors bother to get some legitimate history in there!! To be placed on my TBR list for sure!!

  5. I like your book reviews, it sparks my interest to get back t reading book again.

    PS. I am now your follower, please feel free to follow any of my blogs. Thanks.

  6. all the books that you shared looks fun and interesting. ill definitely get copies of those. do u think it's alraedy available on kindle? by the way i followed u on twitter and your blog well. feel free to follow any of my blogs please. thanks.

  7. I am not a book worm but this book review of yours makes me want to get one! :)

  8. I feel like I want to read this book now... I love time traveling stories although it leaves me with so much unanswered questions.

    Liza Barnett

  9. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I have been looking for an adventure book to read, based on your review, this might be it. Thanks!

  10. Although this wouldn't be a normal choice in books your review makes me want to read it.

  11. Sounds interesting and I love the time travel concept


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