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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thank you so much to author Gerard de Marigny #GerarddeMarigny

WOW is all I can say at the surprise we got when we received our next two review books from one of my husband's favourite authors, Gerard de Marigny!!!  He couldn't wait to start reading them as soon as they arrived but when he got to the second page he started chuckling to himself, he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw that the author had included a couple of lines from our previous book review right at the top of the review page.  How incredible!!

"For a real page turning thriller with twists and one which keeps the reader hooked, read this book."  beckvalleybooks

What makes this even more lovely is that we only came across Gerard by doing book reviews on our blog, if we had never started doing them we would never have come across his talents and my hubbie would have missed the opportunity of thoroughly enjoying his books.  Gerard has currently four books published in the Cris De Niro series, with a further one coming out soon, Nothing So Glorious, plus a first book from a new Archangel Mission Logs series, The Eagle's Plume.

Thank you so much Gerard. xx

Here are the two books we received today.

A U.S. scientist assigned to a CIA-run, covert, overseas assignment goes missing. Meanwhile, while in Manhattan to ring the NY Stock Exchange bell, Cris De Niro is asked by the scientist’s father, a childhood friend of his, to investigate. De Niro and The Watchman Agency soon uncover a secret Iranian-Russian alliance with deadly intentions. Iranian bio-terrorism, Russian espionage reaching into the White House, and the prospect of Iran emerging as a nuclear power are the threats. World War III could break out in the Middle East unless De Niro & Company can Rise to the Call …

Cris De Niro and The Watchman Agency return to rescue one of their own. Scipio has been taken prisoner and is being held in the notorious Iranian Evin prison. With the U.S. and Iran on the brink of war, only De Niro himself can save him, but not without the help of an adversary. Complicating matters, De Niro also learns of the existence of top-secret plans, code-named “Project 111,” outlining the placement of a nuclear bomb inside an Iranian missile. De Niro & company must find a way to free Scipio, snatch the plans from the North Korean embassy in Tehran, and escape with their lives.

At home, an old Korean War hero vows to avenge the death of his granddaughter at the hands of a ruthless gang leader. ARCHANGEL is sent to the tough streets of Chicago to protect him, but they soon find that a man’s courage and valor do not diminished with age.

Filled with the unique style that de Marigny’s fans have come to expect from him, Project 111 is another spectacular espionage adventure of action and suspense from one of our master storytellers.

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Sharon x

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  1. Great reviews! I haven't done book reviews for some time now and reading yours just inspired me to do some...I just hope I can squeeze writing one to give it a good write up! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am going to have to check these books out. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow that's awesome! It gives reviewers such a great feeling when people appreciate their reviews -- especially if it comes from the author himself!

  4. You're right, it is awesome to be able to do a review for the author that you love. Fantastic summaries! I will be on the look out for it. Thanks!

  5. That is so exciting! I love being able to interact with the authors of the books I review. It's really rewarding to get to know some of them as real people instead of just a name and face on a cover! Kudos to you guys!

  6. What a great author, he appreciates what you said about him. I can just picture your husbands excitement! Congrats!

  7. Super cool...congrats on the mention!

  8. It's so awesome to be mentioned in the book you enjoyed. Kind of the best reward for every blogger :) Congrats!

    And thank you for stopping by my blog from the European bloggers hop! I'm an old follower.


Always lovely to hear your comments xx

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