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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Book Review - Rise to the Call by Gerard de Marigny

Book Review
Rise to the Call 
(book 3 in the Cris De Niro series)
by Gerard de Marigny

About the author
PictureWith his bestselling debut political thriller, THE WATCHMAN OF EPHRAIM, Gerard de Marigny burst upon the literary world stage with vigor and poise! Founding JarRyJorNo Publishing in January 2011, de Marigny dons many hats, that of publisher, graphic designer, marketer, as well as author. The result, so far, has been a sparkling debut novel that became a #1 Amazon Bestselling Geopolitical Thriller! Quickly followed with books 2, 3 and 4 of the Cris De Niro series, BOOK II - SIGNS OF WAR,  BOOK III - RISE TO THE CALL, BOOK IV - PROJECT 111 and the author is already at work writing BOOK V - Nothing So Glorious, plus a first book from a new Archangel Mission Logs series, The Eagle's Plume.

In his youth, de Marigny was the lead guitarist for 80's rock band, AMERICADE. Though the last lineup of the band broke up in 1995, de Marigny was approached by Aaron McCaslin, President of Retrospect Records, a label dedicated to promoting heavy rock bands from the 80's, offering a record contract. The result has become a remarkable 70-song, 4-CD boxed set branded, AMERICADENCE: 1980 ~ 1995 (which includes unreleased recordings) bringing back to life the entire musical catalog of AMERICADE."

Gerard de Marigny currently resides in the beautiful foothills surrounding Las Vegas, NV with his wife Lisa and their four sons. When he's not writing his novels, you'll find him bending an arm at a local pub with friends.

Book Description
A U.S. scientist assigned to a CIA-run, covert, overseas assignment goes missing. Meanwhile, while in Manhattan to ring the NY Stock Exchange bell, Cris De Niro is asked by the scientist’s father, a childhood friend of his, to investigate. De Niro and The Watchman Agency soon uncover a secret Iranian-Russian alliance with deadly intentions. Iranian bio-terrorism, Russian espionage reaching into the White House, and the prospect of Iran emerging as a nuclear power are the threats. World War III could break out in the Middle East unless De Niro & Company can Rise to the Call …

Our Book Review
Gerard opens his novel straight into the mystery and intrigue of the story drawing the reader in and wanting more, he be well versed in the political relations between international countries and the state of their capacity of arms and nuclear threat.

A first rate story of espionage, hostage taking and the hunt to rescue them.  When their son fails to contact his parents, on his mothers birthday, they become worried.  Not really knowing what or who their son is working for, they approach Chris de Niro for his help through his independent wealthy funded agency.  Once approached de Niro takes up the challenge which leads him into confrontation with the Russians and Iranians and has to work quietly and quickly to avoid the possibility of another world war.

The writers style of writing is unique, by using plain and simple language with excellent explanations of his abbreviations he takes the reader on a roller coaster ride, no matter which character you are following you feel that you are there right beside them sampling the atmosphere that has been created

A real page turner with a twist on every page which enhances the mystery and keeps the reader hooked and absolutely craving for more, the only disappointment being is that the book has to finish.

When you discover a new author you will almost always be disappointed with one of their books, not in the case of Gerard de Marigny, his novels are going from strength to strength.  It's no secret that I am now a big fan of the author and I am sure as more readers start to read his books he will be on everyone's list and will be on a few more best sellers list. 

Our Rating

You can also read our book reviews of The Watchman of Ephraim (Book 1 of the series) and Signs of War (Book 2 of the series)  

Sharon x

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  1. This definitely sounds like a book my brother would enjoy! Sending this link over to him :)

  2. ooo, I hadn't heard of this author. Going to see about the Kindle edition!

  3. What a thorough review! I like that the book reviews now have videos, it's really helpful. I love mysteries and dramas too.

  4. Not a book for me - but certainly one my son's great grandfather would enjoy immensely. Will be telling him about it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I know my son would love this book. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Exсellеnt ѕіte yоu havе here.
    . Ιt's hard to find quality writing like yours these days. I really appreciate people like you! Take care!!

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  7. Looks like a great suspense read. I love it when I don't know and can't guess the ending!

  8. I love political type thrillers. This looks like something that both my husband and I could enjoy!


  9. I loved this series! Gerard de Marigany is my new favorite author. His books is bone chilling from start to finish!

  10. This looks to be an intense thriller indeed. I agree with one of the earlier comments that it is good when you don't know the how it's going to end! Blood Land by R.S. Guthrie has been that way for me. It has come through big time here in it's ending and I am still not quite sure I know how the last pages are going to come together! if anyone wants to take a look, I am sure it should be added to your lists! Thanks for this review, I am looking for this one for sure!


Always lovely to hear your comments xx

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