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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Book Review - View From The Edge by Michael Kasenow

Book Review

View From The Edge
by Michael Kasenow

About the Author
Michael Kasenow is a novelist, poet and scientist, and is currently a geology professor at Eastern Michigan University. He is the author of fourteen science books, the critically acclaimed novel, The Last Paradise, and the award winning collection of poems, Six Feet Down. He has traveled extensively and lived in many places among a variety of unique personalities. His lifetime resume includes waiter, cab driver, bartender, lumberman, janitor, butcher, and ranch hand in New Mexico. These experiences add authenticity to his written work. He lives in a Michigan harbor town, enjoying blueberries and the west waves of Lake Michigan.

Book Description
“I’ve been there with my books and bones. And what has it given me? A bad marriage and a visit to the nut house.” So says Joshua Feenics, a University Professor recovering from a psychotic breakdown. He returns to work only to face a dull life without meaning or purpose. His wife is having an affair, and he cannot erase the nightmares about his brutalized childhood. To make matters worse, his students are embroiled in a cult, while the University sinks into a national scandal. Someone wants to kill Joshua; the thriller unravels to find out who and why?

Our Book Review
When I started reading this novel I did not want it to end, I absolutely loved this book.  Reading the authors background it is evident that he has drawn on all his life experiences to produce an excellent novel.

Based around Joshua Feenics, a University Professor, who is recovering from a psychotic breakdown and returns to work to find himself questioning his life's meaning and purpose.

Whilst reading and following the professors thoughts and problems he has, the reader may see a lot of themselves, such as the doubts about our work, the troubles we all experience in our marriages and the love we have and really want to show to our children.  As we go through the problems he faces, he absorbs himself into his work and helps others to try and solve their problems, so he can hide and shield himself from the reality check, sound familiar?

The authors style of writing and language is really easy to follow and understand.  The book has an excellent twist towards the end on two fronts, which adds even further enjoyment to an already excellent read.  I think the main reason that I enjoyed and relished this novel was that I could see alot of myself in the main character.  This is a novel that I would strongly recommend to anyone and I hope that the author will produce more work along similar lines.

Our Rating

Sharon x

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  1. This sounds like such a good read, and the author is so accomplished. I'm glad I came upon your review!

  2. This looks like a really interesting read! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Definitely looks like a great book to enjoy.


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