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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Book Review - The Story That Must Be Told - True Tales of Transformation by Irene Watson and Victor R Volkman

Book Review
The Story That Must Be Told: True Tales of Transformation, Vol. I
The Story That Must Be Told - True Tales of Transformation - Volume 1
Edited by Irene Watson and Victor R Volkman

Book Description
What will you do when life puts you to the ultimate test?  This slim volume contains 21 true stories of courage, love, endurance, and undying hope from people around the USA and UK. Follow each of our authors as they detail what it took to face impossible circumstances and powerfully transform them into forgiveness, understanding, and grace.

Are you...

  • haunted by a past event?
  • hoping to make a brand new start?
  • unhappy with how your life turned out?
  • searching for the secret to full self-esteem?
  • blocked by unfinished business you can't resolve?
  • wanting to explore or renew your relationship with God?

  • If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then this is the book for you to start (or re-start) your personal journal of transformation.  
    What one person achieves creates new possibilities for everyone in what it is to be human.

    Irene Watson's Website              Victor R Volkman's Website

    Our Book Review
    This is a collection of really personal, moving and thought provoking true stories, each unique, transforming story describing how that person grew mentally and/or spiritually and moved on from the way they thought and lived.  

    Some really important messages stood out in the stories for me that really made me think about myself and others I have met in my life and were especially found in the stories A Call From Africa by Jari Holland Buck and A Heart Betryaed by Christy Lowry.  Some of the stories rely on faith to get through difficult times, others are more spiritual and some are what I would call 'the lightbulb moment' when you finally wake up and realise where you are going wrong.

    One particular bonus that I love when reading books is that each story is short and you may find yourself finishing the book extremely quickly as you decide to read 'just one more'.

    A really great 'pick me up' book where life's lessons are made clear in each story and may possibly give you the inspiration you need to change the situation you are in at the moment.  An enoyable read that I would recommend you try.

    Our Rating



    1. Intersting - it's always comfoting to read stories from other people that also have regrets and such - good recomendation! BTW, I am always looking for blogs to review my book - if the concept strikes you at all, I’m happy to send you a print copy or gift you an ebook.Stop by if you get the time

    2. This sounds like a truly inspiring book. I am quite sure that there are many who could benefit from it. Thanks for this great review, Sharon.

    3. That looks like a great book! Everyone can use some help with self esteem!


    Always lovely to hear your comments xx

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