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Friday, September 21, 2012

The Dreaded Topic of Head Lice with help from Linicin

Now the children have returned to school I have another term of worrying about head lice.   This has to be one of the most horrid things to check for in my book, the thought of them just make me cringe! Ever since the boys started infants and then junior school it has been a cycle of head lice, treatment and then a gap and back round again.


I'm not going to stand on my soap box and lecture lol BUT if every parent treated their child's head lice properly until it had completely gone then this would not be the case, instead the parents who do treat it spend their money and time on something they know will only return.  I'm sure some parents in the school even ignore the problem.

Here are the facts:-

  • Most common among children between 3-12 years old.
  • Female head lice lay eggs (called nits) that are smaller than a pinhead. 
  • They use a kind of glue to make sure they stay around 1cm close to the scalp.
  • The egg cases and the nits are white and it’s easy to mistake them for flakes of dry skin.
  • About 9 to 10 days later the eggs hatch.
  • When lice hatch they leave empty egg cases behind that stay attached to the hair.
  • These young lice are called nymphs.
  • In another 12 days they become adult lice and can then lay new eggs.
  • Lice can only live for a short time away from the head – no longer than 48 hours.
  • Head lice cannot hop, fly or swim - although they can crawl up to 30cm per minute.
  • Head lice do not live on pets such as cats and dogs.

My youngest has just moved into senior school with his older brother so I am hoping and crossing my fingers that I have seen the last of the problem.  The slight issue is that I am still a Dinner Nanny at an infant and junior school so I do have a slight risk of being infected, but hopefully not as much as the children.

I have tried quite a few different types of head lice treatment over the years, the latest one, I was given to try out, was the Linicin 10 minute Shampoo.  This is a very easy way to treat head lice and the boys gave it a big thumbs up as, unlike other products we have used, there was no nasty smell.  Simple to use, we just wet their hair and dried it lightly with a towel, then we used around half the bottle of the shampoo on each and gave it a good rub, left it for the recommended 10 minutes and rinsed out, followed by combing through the wet hair with a head lice comb.  What impressed me was there was their hair was not left greasy in any way from the product.

linicin product range

As well as the 10 minute shampoo Linicin also do the 15 minute Lotion which comes with a free fine-teethed steel comb and the Preventive Spray.  What I liked was that their products do not contain insecticides and are odourless, more importantly are not tested on animals. 

You can purchase the shampoo or any one of their products online from


  1. I feel itchy and gross just from reading this post!! UGH!!! My daughter had it last year and we all needed to be treated just in case. I was awful!

  2. I have had family and friends with their children getting lice, and I can just say I'm SO thankful and grateful this has never happened to me before! It's such a pain! Thankfully there are great products that help treat lice!

  3. Actually, I've found that olive oil works really well and isn't chemically-based; the warnings on some of that stuff are downright scary!

  4. I have known some parents who will only treat their child's head and not the sheets, stuffed animals, hair brushes and accessories - then they wonder why it keeps coming back. Sometimes they won't even comb it through. Then they wondered why their kids got it over and over.


  5. Oh this makes me think of having head lice when I was little! Just reading the title made me want to itch my head!

  6. OH I've seen this is Elementary school where I subbed a few years back...hope I don't see it when Brody starts school. Thanks for the good advice.

  7. There is a case of head lice already at my daughters school! This makes my head itch thinking of it!

  8. Eww I don't even like the word lice! Glad to know there are great products out there to help if it ever happens to US!

  9. I was lucky to never have this problem as a kid (or an adult) but I can remember mom having to deal with it with my sister/brother. Thanks for stopping by GivingNSharing and joining in with the Happy Harvest Hop!

    Tina 'the booklady'
    PS: I'm already following you - just thought I'd say hi. =D

  10. I've got to admit my head was itching all day after writing up the review, just the thought of them urgghhh !!

  11. Ugh I hated this when everyone got it back in my time at school. This sounds like an excellent product and thank you for your review.


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