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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Book Review - How To Drink While Dieting by Michael Cecchin


Book Review
How To Drink While Dieting with 101 Delicious Cocktail Recipes
by Michael Cecchin

About the Author
Michael's passion for writing his book came from his own personal experiences of battling against weight problems with the added pressure of social gatherings.  After a vast amount of researching finding out the truth about alcohol and how it directly related to weight loss/gain he enrolled on several Bartending courses.  The aim was to create an original list of all the lowest calorie (skinny) cocktails that actually tasted nice.

The author also runs which is full of information on losing weight, eating strategies, and calorie control.which now has over 400,000 visitors per month.

Book Description
When it comes to dieting, alcohol is not the ogre its often made out to be. The truth, is that you do NOT have to miserable to be thin. How To Drink While Dieting will not only show you plenty of research into the benefits of having your little cocktail treats while dieting, but also hand you 101 Skinny Cocktail recipes with the exact ingredients list, calorie counts, and specific servings sizes to make sure you are prepared for any social setting. 

As you flip through the 200+ pages, you'll notice sensible tips and research about how skinny cocktails consumed in moderation can easily help with your diet goals, and your personal willpower to make better food choices and improve your life. 

From now on, your diet and your social life are unstoppable.

The author's favourite cocktail - 

Aperol Spritz
Calories: 153 per serving
Compared to 234 calories with traditional measurements

Our Book Review
I love everything about cocktails, the look, the taste, the choices but especially watching the art of making them.  Cocktails for me are something I have on a special occasions when I go out with friends or for a meal, as soon as I see cocktails of the menu the excitement starts.  If I'm honest then I have to tell you that I am not the type of person to worry about what I am eating or drinking, I should be due to my size but some food and drink just simply cannot be ignored !

This is why I really like this book so much, you don't have to miss out on anything as all the hard work of reducing the calories has all been done for you and all you have to do is choose which cocktails to make and enjoy, couldn't be easier.

Full of colourful images from the start, the friendly informal dialogue starts to explain how drinking can impact so much on dieting and how drinking can have a positive impact on your health.  The major disappointment for me came when I saw my favourite cocktail in the chapter 'Cocktails to Avoid' although it does explain why which did make me realise that perhaps I need to find a new healthier favourite.

I loved the Mixology chapter which is full of hints, tips and cocktail terminology for you to come a pro 'Mixologist'.  I now even know what glasses to use, how to infuse and garnish cocktails as well as making simple syrups to add to cocktails.  It has certainly brought out my passion for cocktail making again, at least this time it will be a lot more healthier.

The recipes are awesome and so easy to follow, there are several chapters covering recipes to make different types of cocktails and in total showing you how to make 101 cocktails !!   Each recipe shows how much percentage each cocktail is less than the original recipe, the calories amounts of original and new version, ingredients, equipment needed, directions and how many servings each recipe will make.  Here are the ones that I really want to try:-


Sweet Peach Tea               A Kissed Toad                 Girl Scout Cookie

If you more a lover of wine don't worry as your not left out and have with a chapter giving you calorie counts on particular types and some tasty recipes.  Not to be outdone is also an informative chapter on beer, which I have to admit I also enjoy !!

Knowing this book is based on so much research and personal experience from the author makes this not only a valued source of guidance it is also a great way to become inspired to be a more healthier and even adventurous you!

Our Rating



  1. Ty for this. I am dieting now and will have to check this out

  2. They are finding a lot of health benefits to alcohol. The ones you have pictured look yummy. What a happy day I would have...ok I'll have one of each!

  3. Now if I can just find a book called how to eat chocolate while dieting, my life will be complete!

  4. Sounds like my kind of book! I do love the socialization around drinking...and come from a family of convivial

    My daughter is a bartender...and thin. Maybe she already knows the secret!

    Thanks for sharing...and here's MY SUNDAY SALON POST

  5. This is a great post. I am way interested in this book as well. I like to believe I can fit social drinking into my life plan of eating and living well, and this book tells me that I can.

  6. I love how many different recipes there are in this book! When I order a drink I limit myself to three different choices. I'd love to learn more about other drinks I can enjoy that are figure friendly.


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