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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Book Review - The Rx Factor by J Thomas Shaw

Book Review
The RX Factor
The Rx Factor
by John Thomas Shaw

About the Author
John Thomas Shaw John Thomas Shaw was born in Quincy, Illinois, and attended the University of Oklahoma and Illinois State University. He now resides in Southern California with his wife and their two children. Prior to his relocation to California, Mr. Shaw lived for six years in Durham, North Carolina and two years on a ranch outside of Cotopaxi, Colorado. He has traveled extensively throughout the Bahamas', Caribbean and Mexico. The scenes throughout The RX Factor takes place in the various locations that the author has lived or experienced in his travels. Throughout the process of writing The RX Factor, the author consulted with his good friend, Johnny Powers Ph.D. 

Book Description
Five years after the death of his wife and children, Ryan Matthews is living alone with memories of his failed career in cancer research when fellow scientist Jordan Carver catches his eye. Preparing for a move to Mexico, Jordan plans to open a clinic where terminal patients will have affordable access to experimental medication. Despite Ryan’s skepticism on her willingness to bypass the FDA drug approval process, he is intrigued by Jordan’s passion and determination to provide alternative care to terminal patients. But when a violent explosion leaves the small Bahamian island of Exuma on edge, Ryan knows his life has once again been forever altered.

Drawn together by circumstance, attraction, and shared ambition, Ryan and Jordan become united in their international quest for the truth. The two embark on an explosive thrill ride ending in Washington, D.C., where the couple unravels the country’s best-kept secret: the government will stop at nothing to maintain the American way of life, with heartbreak and sickness for all.

Our Book Review
An excellent, page turning thriller based around the controversial area of clinical drug tests which could help saves lives in the future.

The story centres around Dr Matthews and Jordan Carver who are two research scientists looking into the possible cure of cancer.  Someone is trying to stop them, who and why?  

Once you start reading the book you will not want to put it down, the author has a knack of keeping you on a knife edge.  The emotion you feel while reading this book is immense, you will feel yourself getting angry and upset as we all know someone who could or would have benefited from a new trial of drug.

The storyline is one of controversy and you wonder how much of the truth is fiction.  Have the big pharmaceutical companies really found drugs that can cure illnesses but if released would cost them billions in lost revenue due to not having to sell prescription drugs to alleviate the symptoms of the patients suffering.

The corruption which comes with this suppression and by paying big bucks to influential businessman and politicians to quash the trials makes this a must read. 

The author will be on my must read list and maybe just could be the new James Patterson.

Our Rating  


  1. Great review! SO great you convinced me to read this book NOW! Can't wait!

  2. nice review! my husband would enjoy reading this

  3. normally I'm big into YA fiction, but sometimes a thriller book like this comes along and draws me in. It sounds like this one is definitely up my ally!

  4. This is such a hot topic right now! Did you see the 60-Minutes special the other day about stem cells and clinical trials. Sounds like a fascinating book.

  5. This books sounds really engaging and seems to have a very interesing plot, nothing like I've read before, thanks for sharing!

  6. Sounds very interesting! I am putting this on my reading list.


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