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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Book Review - A Year With Jesus by R P Nettelhorst

Book Review
A Year with Jesus: Daily Readings and Reflections On Jesus' Own Words
A Year With Jesus - Daily Readings and Reflections on Jesus' Own Words
by R P Nettelhorst

About the Author
R.P. NettelhorstA writer of biblically and theologically related works, among other things. The author writes a weekly newspaper column for a small Northern California newspaper called The Ridge Rider News, in which he writes about anything he likes, as long as he keeps it to 800 words. 

He was a volunteer with the X-Prize Foundation at the winning launches of SpaceShipOne. He's the founder and Academic Vice President of Quartz Hill School of Theology where he also serves as Professor of Bible and Biblical Languages. While an undergraduate, he spent two summers working on a kibbutz in Israel. He went on to complete his graduate work at UCLA in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, majoring in Semitic languages. Before founding Quartz Hill School of Theology, he taught at Christian Heritage College and Los Angeles Baptist College (now the Master's College).  He is married, with three daughters. A cat and a dog also live with them in their house in southern California. 

Book Description
The greatest person who ever lived wants to spend time with you.

There's no one like Jesus in all of history. He touched hearts and changed lives everywhere he went in his thirty-three years on earth. Each person who spent time with him was never the same.

Jesus' words and actions, which have spanned the centuries, are just as relevant and important for you today. When you spend time with Jesus, you'll soon discover that what matters to him most of all is you.

A Year with Jesus is an unforgettable 365-day revelation of Jesus' love through his actual words, plus reflections and insights to encourage and inspire you. Let his words comfort you and fill your heart and life. As you connect more deeply with the greatest person who ever lived-this person who knows you and cares about every detail of your life-you'll find yourself living and loving with greater peace, promise, and purpose.

Our Book Review
As Jesus walked and visited several different places to preach and spread the word and teachings of his Father, this book has been written to remind us of these on a daily basis.  Using the stories and excerpts from the bible the author explains the meaning of the parables.  Each individual day has its own teaching to help understand why situations arise in the way they do and through the teachings how we can deal with these not only to enrich our lives but everyone we come into contact with, a 'thought of the day'.

The author explains the passages in plain English and with very up to date examples to compare Jesus' tests to ours today.  The book has been cleverly broken down into separate sections dealing with individual topics and using the bible translations 
reminds us of how and why we are here and how a simple message or act of kindness can not only lift our spirits but can also enrich our soles.

I found the book to be inspirational, to be read not only when I felt down, but to gain confidence and clamness in dealing with everyday situations.  In order to fully appreciate this book and to gain maximum satisfaction from it you need to re-read it and keep it close to hand.

The authors indepth knowledge and understanding of the bible really shines through and is well written, an inspirational book full of hope and faith, which if you allow it, will uplift your spirit and inspire you to be an all round better person.

Our Rating

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