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Friday, June 8, 2012

Cell Phone Buying Guide: Minimalism is the Key

The sophistication and functionality of smart phones have come a long, long way since wireless communications was first established. Phones are not just phones nowadays; smart phones are also web browsers, organizers, cameras, navigation tools, portable gaming platforms, and mobile computers. Telephony just happened to be one of the many great functions that this mobile gadget has. But with the current developments, I think it is becoming more and more similar to a computer. The advantages of this fact are innumerable. However, there are also some disadvantages to this. One that really comes into mind is the cost.

Though very convenient, not everybody needs mobile computers. Some, many in fact, only need phones. Some think they need smart phones, but if asked about GPS, web browsing and applications, few would admit to having extensive knowledge and use. Many smart phones are only swayed by advertisements and social connotations about smartphone models. If you want to make some savings and would like to select the proper phone for you, I suggest considering the following tips.

Know what you need
Knowing what you need and picking the phone that has no more than what is necessary is the best way to save money.

Ask yourself.
Do you need applications?
Do you need a camera?
Do you need a web access or data plans on your phone?
Do you need GPS?
Or do you only need something to call and text with.

You will be surprised how many iPhone 4S owners have only answered 'yes' for the last question. If you only need a phone and have no need for everything else, I suggest going for a cheap, basic phone. Ironically, these phones are more durable and easier to use despite the price. If you have the need for other advanced functions, then choose the smart phone that has just the right specification for your need. If you only need web browsing and not video streaming, going for the hyped 4G LTE phones would be a waste as compared to going for 3G phones.

Consider the Plan
The phone model's cost is just an initial part of what you will be spending for your phone. The larger and most part of your expenses are the services. Thus, this demands more consideration. When it comes to services, there are two main considerations. These are postpaid and prepaid networks.

If you are going for a postpaid plan, you will be getting the benefit of better data speed, cheap or free smart phones in return for high and mandatory monthly costs and operator locked phones.

Prepaid networks on the other hand have really cheap talk time rates and are very financially flexible because you will be in control when to top up. In return for this, you will have to pay even for very basic phones and data connection is not much.

So if you value functionality, smartphones on postpaid plans are great. If you are after simplicity and budget, then you may check verizon wireless promo code for great deals that you will surely help you save real money.


  1. This is exactly what I do, since I don't need a smart phone to be able to communicate effectively while I'm out and about. I usually just bring my Kindle Fire to one of the many wifi hot spots and that'll do.

  2. I ended up leaving verizon because I didn't need all that fancy stuff and switched to Straight Talk. But then I ended up with a smart phone (an older one that is very outdated) but it works fine for me. I surprised myself how often I do actually use the GPS but usually i just text and talk

  3. My daughter just bought herself a new phone because she needed an upgrade for her internship at Edwards Air Force Base. She chose just the minimum that she needed, and she is totally happy with her phone and her service.


  4. Definitely a great way to look at buying anything!

  5. Haha- I am so not minimal when it comes to technology but I love my Verizon iPhone! Great post though!!!

  6. Never pay for more than you need! Great reminder!

  7. I've been amazed with how hard it can be to purchase and use a basic phone . Most phone companies won't even show or offer these options to someone coming in.


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