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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day - Saving the Earth 1 Project at a Time

Next week is Earth Day and the whole world will be talking about ways to save the Earth and Be Green! Bloggers Helping Bloggers think that the way to be environmentally healthy is to focus on one project at a time. Whether it's turning out the lights when you leave the room or turning old pieces of trash like cereal boxes and packing foam into a toy, everyone can do their part.

Here's some projects to get you started thinking green!
Feel free to add your link for your blog articles that give ideas for projects and ways to be green!

Special giveaways geared toward Earth Day!
Any giveaway could be considered green when you consider that you are not using gasoline to drive anywhere when you enter!


E-waste is the fastest growing and most toxic waste we produce.

The amount of electronic products discarded globally has skyrocketed recently, with 20-50 million tonnes generated every year. If such a huge figure is hard to imagine, think of it like this - if the estimated amount of e-waste generated every year would be put into containers on a train it would go once around the world!

Close up of a huge pile of computer keyboards waiting to be scrapped. These are likely to have been thrown away in Europe, US or Japan and then dumped in China because it is cheaper to dump this hazardous waste in China than dispose of it properly.

Electronic waste (e-waste) now makes up five percent of all municipal solid waste worldwide, nearly the same amount as all plastic packaging, but it is much more hazardous. Not only developed countries generate e-waste; Asia discards an estimated 12 million tonnes each year.

E-waste is now the fastest growing component of the municipal solid waste stream because people are upgrading their mobile phones, computers, televisions, audio equipment and printers more frequently than ever before. Mobile phones and computers are causing the biggest problem because they are replaced most often. In Europe e-waste is increasing at three to five percent a year, almost three times faster than the total waste stream. Developing countries are also expected to triple their e-waste production over the next five years.

Did you know?
The average lifespan of computers in developed countries has dropped from six years in 1997 to just two years in 2005.

Mobile phones have a lifecycle of less than two years in developed countries.

183 million computers were sold worldwide in 2004 - 11.6 percent more than in 2003.

674 million mobile phones were sold worldwide in 2004 - 30 percent more than in 2003.

it was estimated that in 2010, there would be 716 million new computers in use. Therewill be 178 million new computer users in China, 80 million new usersin India.


  1. That's actually kind of a scary sad article. I'm glad you posted it. There's got to be a better option for our technology obsessed world! Maybe we can help find a way to fx this problem - at least on the local level!!!

  2. So the average lifespan of electronics has dropped. I have noticed that things are made much cheaper lately. They feel cheap in the hand, and they break easily. No wonder there is so much electronic waste.

  3. These are horrifying facts! It would be much better if the technology was more durable, and we should take care about how we dispose of our old devices.

  4. So scary! We're doing our part. Thanks for the linky!

  5. I loved your article. Isn't it sad when quality suffers so quantity and replacement of technology may rule. I added two things to the linky.

  6. This is so unbelievably scary! I never knew so much about e-waste. Thank you for this informative post!


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