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Monday, January 30, 2012

Book Review - Absolution by April Alisa Marquette

Book Review
Absolution by
April Alisa Marquette
About the Author
 A native New Yorker, April Alisa Marquette, who also happens to be an editor, is the eldest of three. She garnered her love for reading from her mother, a songwriter and recording artist, who, as far back as April can remember, was always active in the arts. From her father who pastored, she learned to research and write. While attending college, and thoroughly enjoying the Creative Writing and Literature electives offered, the path for her life was charted.

April is also a platwrite, editor, and motivational speaker, one who tutored middle and high school students -- the very students others had given up on. She yet successfully shares her love of reading and writing with young people, and she gives precious time to a fledgling foundation that seeks to bolster students who might otherwise 'slip through the educational system cracks.'

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Book Description
The debut novel!  Fast-paced, Book I of  The Cohort Trilogy introduces three women and Beau, their gay male roommate.  The foursome call themselves Cohorts and believe their friendship is near perfect -- until one of the women betrays Beau... by cavorting with his man. 

Then oh, the drama! 

As life, twisting and turning, continues, one of the Cohorts winds up with a secret. It is one that will further hurt everyone, should they find out... 

This provocative, sexy, fun, and sometimes sad page-turner highlights the beating that the Cohorts’ friendship takes. It also shows that theirs, like any friendship, is flawed. Yet, can they exercise absolution -- can they learn to forgive?

Book Review
I don't tend to read this genre but I must say I really enjoyed reading the book.  Once I got passed remembering who was who, I found the book a nicely flowing, entertaining read, feeling the friendship between the characters enabled you to easily step into the story and feel the love, laughter, drama and tears of the close group of friends. 

The story follows a group of four friends, Val, Ronnie, Kismet Staar and Beau, they call themselves the Cohorts and apart from Kistmet Staar, all share an apartment together.  Val, who found true love only for it to be taken away from her so brutally, will she ever find love again?  Ronnie, seeking so much the attention she desires but not in the right way, can she be honest about what she really desires?  Kismet Staar is Beau's cousin who is always there for him, keeping a watchful eye on him.  Which then leaves Beau himself, who could have any lady with his looks and charm, but sadly for them he prefers the opposite sex.

Then one friend crosses the line of friendship the whole group falls to pieces and you almost feel annoyed with them for making it happen. A sad and hurtful time for them all, leading to a shock discovery.  Can time heal the pain they caused?  Can they learn to forgive before it's too late, realising that love should never leave. 

Our Rating

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  1. very informative review. might need to add this to my ever growing list of books to read ;)

    (alexa hopping from

  2. I like reviews like this that really give me a good feelfor the story without lingering forever on just one aspect. Nice job.
    Marie H

  3. This sounds like an interesting book! Thanks for the great review!

  4. This is so not my genre, but now I want to read it!! Great review!!

  5. Great review! Sounds like a fun book

  6. sounds like a great book! My type of read!

  7. Great review. I am going to add this to my books to purchase. Thanks!!

  8. This sounds like an intriguing book! Wondering what the secret is. Love your bird rating!

  9. This sounds like a great read and thank you for sharing your review.


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