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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Book Giveaway - SIGNED COPY of Brooklyn NY:A Grim Retrospective by Jerry Castaldo

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Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson
This amazing Memoir of Jerry Castaldo is by all means , inspiring , breathtaking , and yes , GRIM.

Being addicted to drugs and alcohol, which started as a teenager , he endured beatings , carwrecks , and gangs. Wanting to get away from it all , he joins the Army , but is soon discharged , and is back where he started. His drug addiction continued while trying to make himself a known singer , which didn't mix well for Jerry. His life was full of up's and down's , mess up after mess up , he still continued to use drugs, causing him to lose friends , family , and job's. After years of struggling , Jerry finally takes the first step of attending an AA meeting. He has now been clean for twenty years.

This is such a shocking book , but it comes to show just how bad drug addiction can physically and mentally rip your life apart. Jerry went from nothing to finally fighting his addiction and becoming a touring singer, and being happy with his life.

Truely an amazing story. But I , myself after reading this memoir , am very inspired by Jerry overcoming all the hell he was going through and coming out of it with a great story to be told.

Reviewed by Beck Valley Books
A truly frank and honest account, from the author, in remembering his childhood days and the extremely dark years he plunged into.  How he tries to change his life around by joining the army before finding his vocation as a personal trainer moving onto becoming Jerry The Entertainer.  Its just shows how anybody can turn their lives around if they truly believe they can.

Reviewed on Amazon
It is an important body of work for anybody who thinks they can never amount to anything, and for everybody else ... and I am most certainly richer for having read it!

It was gripping and exciting, although things Jerry did in his younger days were amazing, you end up wondering how he is still alive!!! I would definitely recommend it to anyone!!!!

Reviewed by The Italian Tribune
America's largest Italian American paper promises:

"You'll be captured from the very first page and will find in his story an inspirational message of hope for all who face obstacles in their walk through life."


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