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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Authors and Book Lovers join in the Virtual Ebook Fair Today !! Home of SHARE AN EXCERPT SATURDAY #samplesaturday

A great way for authors to help each other to showcase their books with book excerpts and tweets to potential new readers through Facebook and Twitter.

A great way for readers to discover new books and read book excerpts given by the authors, leave comments for the author and share your thoughts.  

The fun begins 9am EST and you can pop in and out all day up till 10pm EST.

Plus there are some wonderful ebooks up for grabs, if your feeling lucky pop on over HERE

Have fun and Happy Reading !!

Here's a taster of book excerpts before you pop on over to the main event x

Tammie Clarke Gibbs - Sworn to Secrecy


I'm Tammie Clarke Gibbs and I write Romantic Suspense, Time Travel and Gothic Romance. In this booth I'm sharing an excerpt from my recent release SWORN TO SECRECY a Time Travel Romantic Suspense.

"Sworn to Secrecy" by Tammie Clarke Gibbs is a captivating romance that is well deserving of a 5-star rating! I fell in love with this book within the first chapter and savored every page after that! -Fictional Reality

Their arrival was foretold in a journal and protected by one family for generations.

Short Excerpt-

Dak Bartholomew felt a trickle of blood run a cold wet trail down the side of his face
from the open gash at his temple.

He struggled to open his eyes, and after several moments succeeded. Focusing on his
surroundings took several more, but eventually, he could see the small, dank
smelling room in more clarity than he even desired.

The only light came from a single window, its pane’s blackened all but for one small

He pulled himself off the filthy mattress and felt his way toward the light. The window
had been painted from the inside, and it appeared that someone had literally scratched at it until a small stream of light was allowed in from the outside. Instinctively, he reached into his pocket for his knife, but it wasn’t there. Nothing was there.

There was a faint cry from the corner of the room. Startled, Dak stepped back into the darkness.

He felt his way along the bed until he came to what he thought was a wall.

The darkness was deep and black, and the light cut only a sliver through it, leaving
the rest of the room engulfed in an ebony sea.

He was weak from having been drugged or loss of blood. He wasn’t sure which. Either
would have given him an excuse to forget he wasn’t alone and cower, but the pitiful
whimpers stoked within him a steely determination.

“You there,” he called and waited for an answer.

The room was quiet in response. No whimpering. No breathing.

“Are you hurt?” Dak asked this time, and his voice was softer. Still there was no answer.

He to ok several short steps, feeling his way along the wall in the direction he’d heard the sounds coming from.

“I won’t hurt you,” he said, this time louder. “I...”

Dak felt a dirty hand on his mouth and something sharp at his side.

His body went rigid. He tried to say something, but the hand clamped tighter against his mouth.

“They’ll hear you,” she whispered.

To Read a longer sample click here:

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 J Rudolph - The Complex Book 1 & The Highway Book 2

Book 1

My head swam with that short statement. I couldn’t believe that they said reanimate. You can reanimate a frog with electricity once they died. Reanimating. Wow. It was just such a weird thing for them to say. Reanimating wasn’t a real thing, it is not a thing a disease is capable of doing. That’s the premise behind every zombie story. They reanimated.

Oh. My. God. That was exactly what they were saying, wasn’t it? The patient died. It was after they died that they came back, without a heartbeat, moving and violent. They were talking about real life zombies.

I sat unmoving. While I faced the television I couldn’t see it. All I could see was my son sprawled across the bed. All I could see was walking towards Trent on our wedding day. How would I tell them that there were zombies happening? How could I destroy the world as they knew it?

I walked softly down the hall into the pitch dark of the master bedroom. It didn’t occur to me often how dark it gets in there with the extra window coverings I had up to block out the sun in there. Night shifters like me tend to have a cave for a room. That morning it hit me how truly dark it got. I climbed into my side of the king sized bed and just lied there. What do I say? I put my hand on my husband’s arm and he stirred.

Trent pried open his eyes. He smiled at me when he realized it was me. We’d been married for 13 years and every time I woke him up when I got home he gave me a smile when I saw him. Every morning it looked like he was happy to see me.

“Hey,” he said, still groggy. “How was work?”

Work. Wasn’t that a lifetime ago?

“It was fine.” Gulp. “There’s something going on with the news. I’m gonna turn it on.”

He rubbed his crystal blue eyes and stared at me confused. He reached for his glasses and I fumbled for the remote. I hit the power button and as the older CRT television screen warmed up, playing the audio well before the video feed kicked in, we heard the reporter go on about the release issued by the CDC. The reporter kept on talking about the biggest part of the story, the reanimation. My husband gaped at me with wide eyes.

“Did I have a brain melt just now? Did she say death then reanimation? I seriously must not be all the way awake.”

Just as my lips started to make words the CRT screen lit up and his head whipped to the screen. The anchor woman said now they were going live to the CDC in Washington DC.

AVAILABLE ON Amazon for both the Kindle reader/app and on paperback!
The Complex by J Rudolph (Kindle format)
The Complex by J Rudolph (Paperback version)

Read the full story for only $2.99 on your kindle or free kindle app. If you are eligible for the Kindle Lending Library you can also borrow it for free. The Complex: The Reanimates Book One

Book 2

I’m not as naive and trusting as I used to be. Something about losing your home does that to you. It didn’t surprise me that there were people that used sabotage as a method to get what they wanted. People did that in the old world too, they pretended to be in an accident so when the Good Samaritan came by there was an easy target for a robbery.

Trent was angry that this group was using other survivors as meal tickets. “It’s time already. Let’s just get going.” Trent said through his clenched teeth. He kicked at a snowbank on the way to the truck and uncovered a zombie in the process. Trent pulled out his hunting knife and plunged it into the zombie’s head several times. Zombies, it would seem, are therapeutic. We watched Trent as he worked out his anger until he was done. Afterward, he took a deep breath and seemed a little more relaxed.

 “Sorry about that,” Trent said quietly, “I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. This trip is nothing like what I expected. I thought it would be a couple days before we got there and we have been on the road for a lot longer than that. I have no idea what to expect on the rest of the trip or what to expect when we get there. I have no idea what the next corner will bring. I keep wondering if Mercedes had the right idea to just land. I’m freaked the heck out that I’ve led everyone into a series of traps that are going to snap us up.”

“Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t,” Matt started, “but we are all grown people that have made the decision to be part of this convoy. You’re not leading us into anything. Hell, if you want to be technical, my brother is the one leading us since he had the plow.” Lucas took this opportunity to hurl a snowball at his brother. Matt laughed at him. “My point, man, is this: You don’t have any control in this world. None. People are going to pull their tricks any time they can, they always have. Hell, I’m still waiting on that pay out for helping that deposed king of Nigeria. We need to work on our preparation for the tricks they will play, but even then, we can’t be ready for everything. We adapt. Doubting yourself doesn’t help. All that will do is tear you up and have you decimating a zombie just to bring yourself back together. There’s nothing wrong with taking it out on a zombie per se, but if that’s your go-to management technique, and there’s no zombie around, then what do you do? Don’t, man. OK?” Matt cocked his head to the side and looked at Trent with a crooked smile.
Trent nodded. “Yeah. That’s something I need to remind myself of more often. I used to be a planner. I used to schedule things and have three other plans just in case something went wrong. This trip is a slap in the face of all that. I have no other plan.”

“Well, plan on leaning on other people. Because you’re not alone in this.” Lucas replied.
The Highway is available for the kindle platform for $2.99 or free to borrow on the KOLL program.
Sheri Meshal - Swallowtail

Chicago wife, mother and finance executive Claire Cummings, arrives at work one morning to discover her friend Julia has embezzled millions and vanished. Blindsided and devastated by the betrayal, she’s sent home pending further investigation. Claire’s bizarre death the following day sends everyone reeling, guessing and looking for her in all the wrong places. In no time she's addicted to an enchanting menagerie of tricks and techniques for getting the living's attention, but most people are harder to reach than she'd ever dreamed and even harder to set free.

She was still a mother, a wife, a daughter and a friend... she'd move heaven and earth to keep it that way.

Sheri Meshal’s Swallowtail is a haunting story about life, love, loss and just how far we’ll go to control it all.

This debut from a thought-provoking new voice in fiction begs the question… what would you do if all the rules changed, and you were suddenly bestowed powers beyond your greatest imagination?
Short Excerpt 
Anna was singing off-key at the top of her lungs and passing the joint back to Kareem, when a flicker of light in the distance caught Claire’s eye. The sky glowed dark pink as if to highlight certain death, but Claire was the only one who ever saw it coming. It was moving fast—at least as fast as they were.
Her first instinct was to wrap herself around Anna to protect her, but she doubted it would do any good. It was too big of a gamble. Claire ripped herself from the car, and hovered over the roof for a couple of seconds not knowing what she’d do or how she’d do it, only knowing she couldn’t die twice. She had to save her daughter.
Her initial impact was so powerful it spun the car all the way around, sending the joint, the pop and Kareem’s sunglasses flying through the air. They felt the second impact when the Camaro slammed into a snow bank in the shallow ditch on the other side of the road. 
Buy the book from ..... 

Joyce DeBacco - Tomorrows Blossoms

Woman is apprehensive when husband finds son she gave up as an unwed teen, aware he’s not the father. Not until husband dies does she meet son’s family and learns it’s the family of the boy who turned her away as a pregnant teen.

He looked up from his weeding, spotted her, then rose in one agile motion. No groan, no hunched posture, his back as straight as a boy’s. It bothered Kate that she would notice.
“Sorry to disturb your gardening,” she said in a cool voice. “I didn’t know you were out here.”
He brushed the soil from his hands. “I try to stay on top of things when I have the chance. Marti likes to can and freeze, so I do my best to keep her happy.”
“Oh, by all means. Do keep Marti happy.”
He cocked his head, as if wondering whether to respond to her flip remark. He chose to ignore it. “So what did you two talk about in there?”
She harrumphed. “As if you didn’t know.”
His lips pulled into a frown. “I can guess.”
“Can you?”
“Look, Kate, if you have a problem being here, why did you come?” His voice took on an edge of its own
“You know very well I couldn’t refuse.”
“Well, you’re here now, and you obviously have something to say, so get it out of your system.”
Kate fought an overwhelming desire to flee. She didn’t like confrontations but, dammit, she did have something to say. And this time she wouldn’t run off in tears. This time she would tell him exactly what she thought of him and his baby-stealing sister.
“You’re right,” she said, squaring her shoulders. “I didn’t come outside to admire your gardening talents. I came out because I’d had enough of your sister’s sob story. I’m not about to forgive and forget, live and let live, and all that crap. You had your fun, then you went on your merry way while I spent the summer carrying a child I didn’t even have the privilege of raising. Oh, no. That honor belonged to you and your family.”
“I made a bad choice, Kate. I’m not proud of it. What more can I say?”
A gust of wind caught Kate’s skirt, billowing it around her knees. But like the green things rooted in the soil nearby, all she could do was shiver and sway.
“It’s still a bit chilly out, Kate. Why don’t you go inside now?”
Trembling, Kate stood fast. “She said you didn’t know. Is that true?”
“You never suspected anything, anywhere along the line?”
“How could you not know? He’s got your hair, your eyes.”
“He was only a baby when they brought him home, Kate. To a guy, all babies look alike. Hey, it happened; I’m sorry. Now can we get past it and go on with our lives?”
To read another sample, please visit my website.

Charlene Birt Raddon - Tender Touch & For Have and To Hold

Oregon Trail story, western historical romance

Chapter One
St. Louis, Missouri, April 1849
Brianna Wight’s heart pounded as she reluctantly fol¬lowed her housekeeper’s son inside the dingy, cavernous livery stable. She felt as though she were entering the very bowels of hell.

Heat from the blacksmith’s shop blasted her delicate skin through her clothes and fluttered the veil covering her face as she waited for her eyes to adjust to the dark¬ness. The flames leaping from the forge and the murky silhouettes of men, dancing about the fire like so many devils, were all she could make out.

Harsh, angry voices flew at her out of the blackness, like hurtled knives. Instant terror stiffened her body and she threw up an arm to shield her face.

“Wait your turn, stinkin’ squawman. Whaddya need yer horse shod for anyways? It’s only one o’ them Injun ponies. Get back to yer slut squaw an’ have her pick the lice from yer hair, why doncha?”
The voice that answered was soft, deep and—Brianna thought—deceptively calm, but the words were unclear.

“Why, you bastard!” the first voice yelled.

The sound of flesh and bone striking flesh and bone froze Brianna. Her heart stuttered. That sound was entirely too familiar, as was the pain that always followed. She tensed, waiting to feel the expected blow.

Instead, a man sailed toward her out of the smithy. Brianna screamed in the instant before he slammed into her. Together, they tumbled to the straw-littered floor in a tangle of arms, legs and skirts.

For more go to my blog,
Western historical romance TO HAVE AND TO HOLD

A woman without a prayer… 

A widow with two children, Tempest Whitney had to mortgage everything to repay the money her husband had stolen. But even as she struggles to hold onto her Utah homestead, a scheming rancher buys up her debts, demanding she either get off his land or marry him. Then a dark-haired stranger shows up, claiming to be her dead husband…

A man without a past….

Buck Maddux spent two years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Now a death bed promise has brought him to Tempest’s dugout. A man without roots, he doesn’t plan to stay—or to feel so fiercely protective of this feisty beauty he saves from a forced marriage. Suddenly, Buck yearns for a home, a family, a lasting love. But what can he offer Tempest? The surprising answer lies in the forbidden canyons of an ancient Anasazi tribe, where fortune and danger await—along with a passion more precious than gold…

For excerpts go to 

Susan Kay Box Brunner - Sara's Adventures & Karen's Secret of the March of Life


Sara's Adventures
Era 1960-1970, Fiction, Quarantine-flu-confuse with news about father's death-Amnesia appeared.
Soft cover-ebook coming.

Purchase @ Eternity Books and Gifts, in Grove City Nazarene, Hoover Road, Dannette's Floral Boutique, 3538 Broadway, G. C. OH 43123, or,, barnesandnoble. 


Karen's Secrets of the March of Life in soft cover-coming in ebook.
Era 1945-1960. Romance-Mystery
Secrets mounting-mystery surging..Romance dilemma-friendship threatened.

Purchase at,, barnesandnoble

James DiBenedetto - Dream Student

Dream Student
Welcome to the Dream Series booth, and thanks for stopping by! I've got four fun, suspenseful, funny, romantic novels that I think you'll really enjoy. Follow along with Sara as she discovers she's got an extraordinary talent - the ability to see other people's dreams, and see all the trouble it gets her into!

The first book is Dream Student, where we meet Sara as a college junior. She's trying to get ready for final exams, thinking ahead to the upcoming Christmas break, and wondering what to do about the cute guy in the next dorm who seems to have a crush on her. And then the dreams start...

Here's a short excerpt, from very early in the book (after the dreams have started, but before Sara's figured out that they're not just ordinary dreams...):

A man enters. He’s big; easily over six foot tall and well built. Not quite Schwarzenegger big, but plenty big enough. And familiar. Sara knows she’s seen him somewhere, but she can’t guess where that might have been. He’s leading, or maybe dragging, a girl into the bedroom with him. She’s a teenager; she might be as old as eighteen, but Sara doubts it. She’s blonde and petite and Sara can just picture her leading cheers at a high school football game.

There won’t be any cheerleading from the girl tonight. Right now she looks scared to death. So scared she doesn’t notice Sara even though Sara is looking right at her. The man doesn’t see Sara either. Or hear Sara when she screams, after the man throws the teenager onto the bed and begins to tear at her clothes.

The girl is fighting, scratching, shouting her head off, but none of it does any good. Sara can’t help her; she stands up, but she can’t get to the bed. It’s as though there’s an invisible wall in her way. She can’t get to the phone, or out of the room. She can’t do anything except watch. And scream until her own lungs give out…


Someone’s screaming. No, not “someone,” me. I don’t know why. And then it hits me all at once. I see the whole nightmare, every detail. I go right on screaming.

It’s not until my voice just about gives out that Beth wakes up. That’s the only reason I stop, because my throat hurts too much. I can barely breathe, and I’m clutching myself, holding my arms across my breasts. In my head I’m still seeing that bedroom and the man and the girl over and over and I barely notice that Beth is sitting up now, staring at me.

She looks worried, or maybe frightened out of her wits is a better description. Frightened for me. I’ve never seen that expression on her face before. It doesn’t make me feel any better. All it does is make me want to cry, even more than I already am.

I can’t really see her, between the tears and the fact that I’m too much of a mess to even focus my eyes. She must have gotten out of her bed and walked over to mine, because now she’s hugging me, holding me, telling me everything’s OK, everything is going to be all right. I don’t know how many times she has to say it, over and over, before I start to believe it.

A little bit, anyway. Enough that I stop seeing the nightmare on infinite replay inside my head and I’m back in our room again.


Please hop on over to my website for more about the book, and a longer excerpt to whet your appetite, as well as plenty of information on the other books in the series...
Holly Law - Empress In Hiding
This is the excerpt from my book “Empress in Hiding”. It is a clean romance novel with some adventure thrown in. It if the first book in a new trilogy. The second book, Empress on the Run, is due out before the end of the month. Enjoy! *And, of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMMIE!!!!*

Kristen pulled out her cellphone. She pressed the power button and nothing happened. She jabbed the button harder and still nothing happened. She flipped it over and saw that the duct tape was still firmly in place. Irritated, she tossed it back into her purse.
She glared at the entrance of the hospital, knowing she had no other option before her. She only hoped they remembered her and wouldn’t search her all over again. She exited her car and left the frustrating pile of metal behind her, glad to at least be free of the scent of oily smoke. She walked to the entrance of the hospital and the security guards stopped her again.
“Come on, I was just in here,” Kristen complained. “I just want to go up to my mom’s floor and use her phone.”
“We check everyone who enters,” the security guard said firmly. “You could have picked up anything outside.”
Kristen sighed in frustration and let them search her, again being careful of the knife on her calf. The guards were oblivious to her relief. They let her pass and she stepped into the elevator with a few others. She got out before the other occupants and again had to submit to security.
She walked up to the front desk and the nurse there looked surprised to see her. “What brings you back so soon?” Paula asked. “I know it can’t be the security.”
Kristen sighed. “My car and my cellphone died.”
“Ouch. Do you need to use the phone?”
“Yes, please. I have friends who will give me a ride.”
The nurse handed her the phone with a sympathetic smile. Kristen started dialing.
“I thought you had left,” an unwanted voice said from nearby. Kristen cringed internally as she looked up to see the arrogant Eranian man approaching with a bodyguard in tow.
“My car and cellphone died,” Kristen said shortly. “I’m calling for a ride.” Kristen would have gladly gone her whole life without meeting that guy again.
“I’ll give you a ride,” the man offered after a moment.
That offer took her completely by surprise. She paused in her dialing and looked at him confused. His face still was not friendly. She definitely would not take him up on that offer. 
“I don’t know you,” Kristen told him bluntly. “You clearly do not like my mother or me. Thanks, but no thanks.” Kristen turned back to the phone. The nurse looked wide-eyed and a bit pale at her tone. There was glance in her eyes that was warning.
The Eranian man looked surprised by her pronouncement. “You don’t know me?” the man said slowly. He gave her an odd sideways glance. He looked at her as though she were the strangest thing he had ever seen. That look suddenly made him look younger.
“No, should I?” Kristen asked irritably. She really did not have the patience for him at the moment.
He surveyed her thoughtfully for a moment. “You should, but I will be glad you do not,” he informed her. “I would like to speak with you more about your mother.”
“Not interested in talking,” Kristen said and continued dialing.
The man reached over the counter and put his finger on the receiver, ending her attempted call. “I offered you a ride,” he reminded her. “Calling anyone else is unnecessary.”

Sharon x

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