Friday, November 30, 2012

Choose Your Favourite Book-Ends - Win Absolutely Nothing !!


This is our family created competition.
All you have to do is choose your favourite book-ends from our growing home collection.
Photographs taken by my wonderful 11 year old son :-)
We know our favourite but can't let you in on the secret !!

Choose Your Favourite Book-Ends - Win Absolutely NOTHING !!

Winners name will be randomly drawn using a pin with our eyes shut !!

We will even tell you which book-end wins !!

Ending on 30th November 

1 - We love chess and just could not resist this pair 
2 - A very lucky find by hubbie in a charity shop
3 - Great for a childs room
4 - Really old book-ends found at auction
5 - Unusual yet beautiful find at auction
6 - What can I say, just couldn't resist
7 - These look much better in real life
8 - Cute
9 - How Unique
10 - On his lonesome

Ok time to choose guys - see below xx

Sharon x

Photobucket   Photobucket


  1. Love these bookends! I don't have any cool bookends but love these.

  2. I love these...and it was a hard choice!

  3. I love bookends and you had a few I really like so it was a difficult choice but I voted!

  4. I love them all. Lol. I did eventually pick one but I think they all have a lot of character.

  5. They are all just wonderful. Hard to choose a favorite.

  6. I didn't know some as beautful as those existed


Always lovely to hear your comments xx

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